University of California, San Diego


October 19, 2001


SUBJECT:  Faculty Presentations At Open House

Open House 2001, Saturday, October 20, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., provides a rare opportunity to hear our very own world-renown faculty speak on a wide variety of timely topics. We encourage you to bring your family and friends and take advantage of their knowledge and expertise and discover some of the exciting research taking place here at UCSD.

I Thought I Saw It Move: Research on Motion Perception. Professor Stuart Anstis, professor of psychology. 11 a.m. Center Hall 115

SDSC: Using Technology to Advance Science. Francine Berman, director of the world-renowned San Diego Supercomputer Center and professor of computer science and engineering. 11 a.m. Center Hall 101

The Genome Era: How Should We Use the Eighth Wonder of the World? Ethan Bier, professor of biology. 11 a.m. Center Hall 113

Don't Cry for Me, Ike and Tina: Race, Place, and Nation in a Changing World. George Lipsitz, professor of ethnic studies and acclaimed author. 12 p.m. Center Hall 101

U.S. Energy Follies and Opportunities. S.S. Penner, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering. 12 p.m. Center Hall 113

New Hope for Chronic Diseases. Dr. Joe W. Ramsdell, clinical professor of medicine and head of the UCSD division of general internal medicine/geriatrics. 1 p.m. Center Hall 101

Mission MICASA: Interactive Rooms, Intelligent Highways, and Smart Cars. Mohan Trivedi, professor of electrical and computer engineering. 12 p.m. Center Hall 115

Creativity Making Your Dreams Come True. Bert Turetzky, professor of music. 10 a.m. Center Hall 101

Not Your Parents' University: How Technology Will Reshape the Lives and Education of Our College Students-Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore. Gabriele Wienhausen, founding provost of Sixth College and distinguished educator. 1 p.m. Center Hall 115

Meet the Millennials. Neil Murray, director of Career Services and principal founder of the Career Services Institute. 11 a.m. Center Hall 119

Academic Preparation for the World Community. UCSD alumnus C. Anthony Valladolid, Esq., co-founder of the Centro Legal de la Raza. 1 p.m. Center Hall 119

Climate Change: What is at Stake and What Can Be Done About It? Richard Somerville, professor of meteorology. 10 a.m. Center Hall 119

Patriotism and Professionalism: The Media and War. Daniel C. Hallin, professor of communication and author of the "Uncensored War." 2 p.m. Center Hall 101

Why Do We Say Some of the Things We Say? Farrell Ackerman, associate professor of linguistics. 10 a.m. Center Hall 207

Latinos in California: A View from the Border. Robert Alvarez, associate professor. 10 a.m. Center Hall 222

Using Computational Mathematics to Understand Black Holes & Biomolecules. Michael Holst, assistant professor of mathematics. 1 p.m. Center Hall 105

Learn how a high performance wireless research and education network (HPWREN) is creating new opportunities in hard to reach areas of San Diego County. Hans Werner-Braun, San Diego Supercomputer Center. 2 p.m. Center Hall 113.

Leading the Way in Bioengineering Education and Research at Whitaker Hall. Robert Sah, associate professor of bioengineering. 11 a.m. Center Hall 109

Computer and laser guided surgery to reconstruct human hands. Richard Lieber, professor of orthopedics. 10 a.m. Center Hall 115

Demonstration of UCSD Clinical Trials. Georgia Sadler, associate clinical professor of surgery. 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Center Hall 203

Design of a Disk Drive. Learn about the inner workings of the disk drive and current research to improve capacity and function. 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Center for Magnetic Recording Research, Warren College.

Why be a Physics Major? Kim Griest, professor of physics. 12 p.m. Warren Lecture Hall 2001

Overview of the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department. Stefan Llewellyn-Smith, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering. 1 p.m. Center Hall 109

The following seminars are presented by the department of history:

The Forbes Family of Boston & Opium Smuggling into South China, 1820's-1830's. Paul Pickowicz, professor of history. 2 p.m. Center Hall 109

Extraordinary Tourists: The Transcontinental Excursion of 1912. Mark Hineline, department of history. 2 p.m. Center Hall 109

The Russian Empire as a Great Power. Walter Pintner, department of history. 2 p.m. Center Hall 109

Sport and Politics in Soviet History. Robert Edelman, professor of history. 2 p.m. Center Hall 109

History of Childhood. Stefan Tanaka, associate professor of history. 2 p.m. Center Hall 109

China and the Modern World. Joseph Esherick, professor of history. 2 p.m. Center Hall 207

                                                Mark Cunningham, Co-Chair
                                                Judi Lane, Co-Chair
                                                Yolanda Leyva, Co-Chair