University of California, San Diego


October 19, 2001


SUBJECT:  Electronic Non-Payroll Expense Transfer (ENPET) Upgrades

The SPEAR ENPET Team and ACT have completed their efforts on certain enhancements to the ENPET system. These enhancements will go into production on October 22 and are described below.

1. ENPET Transaction Editor Changes
The ENPET Transaction Editor is the first screen encountered after checking the expenses to be transferred in the FinancialLink Ledger Annotator and clicking the ENPET button. Changes include the following.

a. The Override "From" Index, Fill All "To" Indexes, and Toggle Renewal buttons and boxes are positioned directly over the columns they affect.

b. The person preparing the ENPET may now overwrite the description field.

For an illustration of this new screen you may access an example of the Transaction Editor at the following Blink URL:

2. ENPET Cost Transfers to Private Awards
The high-risk classification process for transferring costs to private awards has been revised to eliminate those test conditions applicable primarily to federal awards. The remaining high-risk conditions that apply to private awards occur when:

a. The transaction date of the transferred cost falls outside the project period of the award receiving the cost.

b. The transaction is being transferred to an award that is in overdraft.

It is expected that the reduction in high-risk conditions for cost transfers to private awards will enhance the processing times of these transactions.

3. ENPET Cost Transfers to Non Extramural Funds
As non-extramural funds are not constrained by external regulations from federal or private sources, the high-risk classification process is being removed from these transactions. Again this revision will improve the processing time for this type of transaction without an unacceptable increase in risk.

As is the case with all low-risk ENPETs, departments will continue to be responsible for processing these transactions in accord with the applicable University policies and to maintain the supporting documentation. These transactions will also be included in the Post Transaction Audit Program that randomly selects ENPETs for compliance testing.

4. ENPET Information on Blink
You may access additional information about ENPET on Blink at: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/enpet

We hope that you find these changes beneficial. If you have questions, you may contact:

                                                Miles Bowler
                                                SPEAR Project Administrator
                                                Email: mbowler@ucsd.edu

                                                Lyle Kafader
                                                Email: lkafader@ucsd.edu