University of California, San Diego


January 21, 2003


SUBJECT:  Streamlining Administrative Processes

This is to advise you of an initiative I am currently supporting that attempts to quickly identify campus support processes that have the potential for cost savings, examine and redesign those processes within a short timeframe, and position UCSD's staff and infrastructure to better handle the anticipated 2003/04 budget reductions.

A group of representatives from a number of academic and central service departments began meeting in December 2002 to begin the process of identifying core administrative processes that might be candidates for additional streamlining and cost-savings. This group initially identified 37 potential opportunities for making significant cost/workload improvements in campus administrative processes, and has further prioritized those opportunities to the "top eleven" ideas/processes.

Our intent is to rapidly explore opportunities for making process changes that will enable fewer human resources to be expended (both departmentally and centrally) in getting things done, while continuing to support UCSD's growing academic activities. At the bottom of this message, you will see a list of the group of individuals that are providing guidance and oversight of this rapid process redesign effort.

Unlike conventional process redesign efforts, which can be lengthily projects, we have created eleven "Tiger Teams" to simultaneously tackle each of these areas in 60 days. Those teams are as follows:

Effort Reporting (aka PAR forms), Leader - Dan Gilbreath
Entertainment, Leader - Faye McCullough
Financial Link Development, Leader - Carole Ring
Financial Reconciliation (aka PWRuP), Leader - Debbie Rico
Invoice Approvals, Leader - Katrina Albrandt
Job Descriptions, Leader - Judy Johnson
Leave Activity Summary Reports (aka LASRs), Leader - Cynthia Harrison
Paper Use and Disposition, Leader - Carole Ring
Payroll Expense Transfers (aka PETs), Leader - Steve Lopez
Recruitment - Hiring, Leader - Pat Wong
Travel, Leader - Faye McCullough

Members of these teams will work with the appropriate people to explore and evaluate the opportunity, present their findings to the Rapid Process Redesign group, and implement approved process changes by July 1, 2003.

Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary actions for UCSD to maintain its level of excellence and to retain the integrity of our business processes. I ask you to support and assist the eleven Tiger Teams as they explore these opportunities.

Thank you.

                                                Steven W. Relyea
                                                Vice Chancellor -
                                                Business Affairs


Members of the Rapid Process Redesign Group:

Karen Andrews, Physics Department
Marty Backer, Administrative Computing & Telecommunications
Stephanie Burke, Audit & Management Advisory Services
Jan Cox, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jennifer Davis, Integrative Oceanography Division
Rogers Davis, Human Resources
Dan Gilbreath, BFS - OPAFS
Elazar Harel, Administrative Computing & Telecommunications
Cynthia Harrison, Housing & Dining Services
Nancy Hartley, Mathematics
Josie Hollinger, Student Affairs
Nick Johnston, BFS - Controller's Office
Marissa Jolstead, University Extension
Don Larson, BFS - Controller's Office
Steve Lopez, Cellular & Molecular Medicine
Andrina Marshall, School of Pharmacy
Debbie McGraw, Academic Affairs
Laura Osante, Staff Support, BFS
Steve Relyea, Business Affairs
Debbie Rico, Facilitator, BFS - Controller's Office
Carole Ring, Political Science
David Sakai, Health Sciences