University of California, San Diego


November 17, 2003


SUBJECT:  November 25 Meeting

Dear Colleagues:

Our next Assembly meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 25 at 3:30 p.m., in Garren Auditorium, Room 1105 in the Basic Science Building. The Notice of Meeting (agenda) and all pertinent documents may be found on the Senate's Web page at:


As you are aware, the UC Libraries face difficult times and uncertainties about the sustainability of scholarly communication. In an effort to keep the faculty informed of the issues, University Librarian Schottlaender will address the Assembly about the economics of scholarly publishing and the status of UC's negotiations with various publishers.

Last month the Assembly was asked to choose two of its members to join the Senate Council; however, there were no nominations made. The Senate Council, which meets the first Monday of the month during the academic year, considers many issues of importance to the Senate. Additionally, it oversees the functioning of the Division, determines the agenda for meetings of the Representative Assembly, and is empowered to take action for the Assembly in emergencies. I call your attention specifically to pages 12-14 of the agenda, and urge you to examine the list of all representatives so that well considered nominations can be made at the meeting.

Other items of business on the agenda include the Committee on Educational Policy's proposed amendment of Regulation 505 governing the repetition of courses, and the Graduate Council's proposal to establish a Joint Program of Study Leading to the Degree of Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership with UCSD, California State University, San Marcos, and San Diego State University. We will also receive the annual reports of two standing committees and adopt a memorial resolution for Professor and Chancellor Emeritus John S. Galbraith.

For instructions on how to access the Web site or to obtain a paper copy of the Notice of Meeting, please contact the Academic Senate Office at extension 4-3640. If your preference is to receive a paper copy of the Notice of Meeting, your name will be place on a Senate mailing list. To request that your name be placed on this list, please contact the Academic Senate Office at the above number.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Acting Chancellor Chandler, members of the Assembly, and other Division members for rearranging busy calendars to attend the rescheduled meeting earlier this month. Even on such short notice, we were well over our required numbers to achieve a quorum.

I look forward to seeing you on the 25th.


                                                Jan B. Talbot, Chair
                                                Academic Senate, San Diego Division

cc: Members of the San Diego Division