University of California, San Diego


February 18, 2003


SUBJECT:  Revelle College Provost Search

Applications and nominations are invited for the position of Revelle College Provost.

The Provost search will be confined to the UCSD campus, and candidates must hold full-time, tenured (including security of employment) faculty appointments. The appointment will be for five years, renewable after appropriate review. The job description and required qualifications for a Provost follow this announcement, and are also posted on the Academic Affairs web site at:
http://academicaffairs.ucsd.edu/offices/planning/default.htm .

Based on recommendations from the Academic Senate Committee on Committees, I am pleased to announce that the individuals listed below have agreed to serve as members of the Revelle College Provost Search Committee:

David R. Miller, Associate Vice Chancellor (Chair)
Barbara Jones, Physics
Patrick Ledden, Muir College Provost
Douglas Macdougall, SIO
Barbara Sawrey, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jane Stevens, Music
John Wixted, Psychology
Nancy Groves, Revelle College (Staff representative)
Undergraduate Student representative (to be named)

Applications (resume and names of references) and nominations received by March 14, 2003, will receive full consideration by the Search Committee. Please submit to:

David R. Miller, Chair
Revelle College Provost Search Committee (0001)

Electronic mail to: revprov-l@ucsd.edu

                                                Marsha A. Chandler
                                                Senior Vice Chancellor


Job Description

The Provost:

Is the Academic and Administrative leader of the College.

Is responsible for the realization of the academic goals of the College, as described in the College's academic plan.

Shares with the College faculty, the appropriate academic departments, and the respective Program Directors the responsibility for the supervision of academic programs, developed and administered under the aegis of the College, including the associated College Writing Program.

Reviews and makes recommendations on appointments, merits, and promotions of faculty affiliated with the College.

Certifies students of the College for graduation upon completion of their studies.

Chairs the Council of Provosts on a rotating basis.

Serves as Ex-officio member of the College's governing body, which is advisory to the Provost.

Supervises the professional staff of the College-the College Business Officer, the College Dean of Student Life, the Dean of Academic Advising, and other staff members who report to the Provost.

Serves, as appointed, on various campus-wide and systemwide committees.

To the degree permitted by his or her administrative responsibilities, engages in teaching and research commensurate in quality with his or her rank as a member of the UCSD faculty.

Is responsible for the programmatic aspects of College residence-hall life.

Is responsible for recreational, social and cultural programming for the College.

Is responsible for orientation of new undergraduate students, transfer students, and their parents.

Is responsible for student government in the College.

Is responsible for preparation of the annual budgets of the College, and for an accurate accounting of the expenditure of College funds.

Is responsible for the management and administration of the associated College Writing Program, including all budget, FTE, and personnel matters.

Is responsible for development activities on behalf of the College.

The Candidate:

Must hold a full-time, tenured appointment in one of UCSD's departments.

Must have the skills and knowledge to direct and supervise the professional staff of the College.

Must have knowledge and skill in budgeting and fiscal management.

Must have the interpersonal skills to work effectively with students, parents, faculty and staff as well as the general public.

UCSD is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor-Academic Affairs
University of California, San Diego
February, 2003