University of California, San Diego


April 2, 2003


SUBJECT:  UCSD César E. Chávez Celebration - "Celebrate, Educate, Serve"

I am pleased to announce and encourage faculty, staff and students to participate in the series of educational celebratory events designed to honor the late César E. Chávez. A number of events have been planned to occur during the month of April to acknowledge Mr. Chávez as the principal figure in the struggle for working families, a dynamic advocate for non-violent solutions, and a champion for dignity and respect for all.

This year's theme, "Celebrate, Educate and Serve," will be emphasized through a variety of distinguished speakers who will discuss issues relevant to the Chicano/Mexicano communities. Some activities include:

*The Honorable California Senator Richard Polanco (Retired) will be at Warren College's Amphitheatre on April 4, 2003 at 11:30 a.m. Senator Richard Polanco authored the legislation to create the César E. Chávez state holiday will speak on Creating the César E. Chávez Holiday;

* Josefina Lopez, playwright and screenwriter of the award-winning film Real Women Have Curves, will speak from her experiences on Real Women Have Courage: From San Luis Potosi to Hollywood at 7 p.m. April 23, 2003 in the Price Center Theatre. This lecture is presented by the Helen Edison Lecture Series; and,

* The César E. Chávez Commemorative Stamp will be unveiled at noon, April 21, 2003 at the Price Center Plaza.

More details about the UCSD César E. Chávez activities are accessible at: http://ucsdnews.ucsd.edu/chavezevents.htm

In recognition of this annual event, I am approving two hours of administrative leave with pay that employees may apply to their attendance at a UCSD César E. Chávez activity. Supervisors are encouraged to allow employees two hours of administrative leave with pay to attend one or more of the planned celebratory César Chávez events, when the absence does not infringe upon the performance of required job duties.

At this time I would like to thank the UCSD César E. Chávez Planning Committee for their time and effort to coordinate these educational and celebratory campus events and activities. Members of the UCSD César E. Chávez Planning Committee are:

Mary Walshok, Honorary Co-Chair (Associate Chancellor Extended Studies)
Cecil Lytle, Honorary Co-Chair (Provost, Thurgood Marshall College)
David Valladolid, Co-Chair (President, Chicano Federation Board of Directors, President & CEO, Parent Institute for Quality Education)
Jorge Mariscal, Co-Chair (Professor, Department of Literature)
Nick Aguilar, Director, UCSD Student Policy & Judicial Affairs
Ramon Aldecoa, Assistant Dean, Warren College
Juan Carlos Astorga, Assistant Dean, Sixth College
Rafael Hernandez, Director, UCSD EAOP
Evelyn Hidalgo, Director, Human Resource Policy, Academic Affairs
Nancy Magpusao, Assistant to Director, Cross Cultural Center
Charlene Martinez, Assistant Director, Cross Cultural Center
Darlene Mendez Mercado, Student Activities Coordinator, Muir College
Edie Munk, Special Projects Coordinator, University Extension
Michael Schudson, Acting Provost, Thurgood Marshall College
Anthony Valladolid, Director, Student Legal Services
Edwina Welch, Director, UCSD Cross Cultural Center

Please join me, members of the UCSD César E. Chávez Planning Committee, special guests, and visitors as we collectively and publicly celebrate the legacy and contributions of César E. Chávez.

                                                Robert C. Dynes