University of California, San Diego


April 7, 2003


SUBJECT:  Proposed Revisions to Academic Research Titles

The University invites comments on a proposed revised APM 310, Professional Research series, a new draft policy APM 311 on the Project (e.g. Scientist) series, two draft salary scales for the Project (e.g., Scientist) series, one salary scale for the Specialist series, and technical changes to APM 620-0 on Off-Scale Salaries.

The proposed revised APM 310 provides that appointees to the Professional Research series engage directly in independent research, function as Principal Investigators, and have the major responsibility and leadership for their research programs. The changes emphasize that these Professional Researchers are equivalent to ladder-rank faculty in research.

The proposed new APM 311 would add Project Scientist as a research series for appointees who make significant and creative contributions to a research program in any academic discipline. Appointees are not required to carry out independent research. The Project Scientist series is being adopted University-wide and builds upon San Diego's 11 years of experience with the Project Scientist title. The Project Scientist series has two new salary scales: a business/engineering scale and a scale for project scientists outside of business and engineering units. The Campus will develop procedures for Project Scientists to transition to the proposed new salary scales.

The new Specialist scale extends the salary range for this series. In the transition to the new salary scale, the individual's current salary will be maintained until the next personnel review action. There is an introductory page which explains the scale's structure.

The revision of APM 620 would allow off-scale salaries for the Project Scientist series.

The proposed policies would apply to members of the Professional Research series and to members of the Project (e.g., Scientist) series. The proposed Specialist salary scale will apply to members of the Specialist series.

The proposed revised and new policies are available at the following website:


For the Professional Research series, there are two versions on the website: one is a marked-up copy with additions and deletions shown, and the other is a clean copy of the proposed policy.

This is a formal review of the above policies. If you wish to comment, please contact Tricia Takacs at ttakacs@ucsd.edu. The deadline for response has been extended to Monday, April 21, 2003.

                                                Marsha A. Chandler
                                                Senior Vice Chandler