University of California, San Diego



May 7, 2003

ALL STAFF AT UCSD (Including UCSD Healthcare)

SUBJECT:  People Expo: Supporting Work and Life at UCSD

During the course of its work, the Staff Retention and Support Steering Committee (SRSSC) heard staff express the need for more information about, and access to, the many opportunities and resources that support work/life here at UCSD. In order to deliver on the need for this comprehensive information, it gives me great pleasure to announce that the SRSSC and UCSD Human Resources Department will host the first People Expo event at the Price Center on June 18th.

The People Expo offers a creative forum for connecting the UCSD community with a world of career, professional development, and work/life opportunities. This four-hour event will feature presentations, as well as interactive experiences and demonstrations to provide UCSD staff with people-centered tools, resources, programs, and services.

Here are just a few of the many workshops and mini-sessions to be held on June 18:

* Bring It to the Table: Skills Assessment Tools for Career Satisfaction and Success
* Peace of Mind 101: Understanding the UC Retirement System
* Listening Between the Lines: Tap into the Power of Unspoken Communication
* Get on the Short List: What UCSD Resume Reviewers Love to See
* The Three R's of Successful Work Relationships: Rapport, Rapport, Rapport
* Where Will the Jobs Be? Trends and Opportunities at UCSD

There will also be lots of exhibits including supervisor-specific tools and resources, staff educational benefits and Web-based training opportunities, ergonomic workstations, personal enrichment courses, position transfer procedures, and much more. For more information and to register for a free continental breakfast, go to the People Expo Web site at: http://www-hr.ucsd.edu/PeopleExpo.html

I am very excited about this event. I believe that everyone who attends the People Expo will find information to enrich their work/life here at UCSD. I strongly encourage supervisors to release staff to attend this important event as work permits.

                                                Steven W. Relyea
                                                Vice Chancellor -
                                                Business Affairs