University of California, San Diego


July 16, 2003


SUBJECT:  Streamlining Administrative Processes - Transaction Sampling

This product is being delivered to help you deal with your department's workload in tough budget times. Transaction sampling offers three main advantages:

--It substantially reduces your workload if you practice 100% reconciliation. Current participants are experiencing an average of 64% savings in workload.

--It allows you to focus on high-risk transactions. The time previously spent reviewing transactions with traditionally few errors and minimal associated risk can now be redirected to the riskiest areas.

--It provides a sound and defensible reconciliation process. The monthly management report tracks errors that can be reviewed to improve your department's front-end controls. This process is the preferred method of reconciling ledgers and is highly recommended by the Controller's Office.

Transaction sampling, also known as PWRuP-a process managed by the Controller's Office-randomly selects financial transactions to be reviewed during the ledger reconciliation and account validation process. Errors can be noted, identified by error type, and then corrected. Transaction samples will be generated and available for your review beginning with your July ledger. To decide if sampling is right for you, please visit our Blink site at

http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/pwrup and learn:

* How to Begin the Sampling Process
* Departmental Responsibilities
* What you need to know before you begin the Sampling Process
* How to sign up for training:
* How Profiles are used in the sampling process
* How to use Ledger Reviewer to review your transactions
* Identifying and correcting errors
* Using Problem Codes to categorize errors
* Creating Notes for additional detail

Please contact Debbie Rico (drico@ucsd.edu) if you have any questions regarding this announcement or the Transaction Sampling process, and coordinate with your Business Officer before beginning Transaction Sampling. I hope you will all take advantage of this labor saving method.

                                                Don Larson