University of California, San Diego


September 18, 2003


SUBJECT:  Federal/State Work-Study Programs

This campus notice is designed to provide necessary administrative information to potential employers under the College Work-Study programs.

Work-Study Program funds are provided as a form of financial aid to help a student meet the cost of attendance through employment. In keeping with the spirit of the program, we encourage the development of jobs which will offer our students an opportunity for major- or career-related work experience. Additionally, we are required by federal regulations to ensure that a portion of our work-study funds will be used for community service work. We ask that you keep these objectives in mind when developing jobs for our work-study students. Due to the State budget, the State Work-Study Program has not been funded for 2003-04.

SPLIT: The department-matching portion for the Federal Work-Study Program remains at 50%. The other federal program for reading and mathematics tutoring of children and family literacy activities (formerly called the America Reads/America Counts Program), will continue to utilize 100% federal work-study funds and does not require a department match.

PROGRAM DATES: Students may begin work on Monday, September 22, 2003, and may continue through Friday, June 11, 2004, or when their work-study awards are depleted, whichever occurs first. Earnings prior to and after these dates should be paid 100% by department funds.

JOB POSTING: Departments may post available work-study jobs through the Career Services Center's on-line job entry process. Departments must indicate, on the on-line job posting, if the position is subsidized with work-study funding only. Work-Study funded jobs may be viewed by students on the Career Services Center's homepage at

WORK-STUDY DESIGNATION: Departments authorized to hire specifically for reading and mathematics tutoring of children and family literacy activities (I) should enter the appropriate code in the "WSP" field on the distribution line in the Payroll Personnel System (PPS). All other departments employing students with work-study should hire on the Federal Work-Study Program (F). The approved coding must be indicated when processing timekeeping specials and/or adjustments. It is the responsibility of the departments to carefully review their DOPEs (Distribution of Payroll Expense Reports) on a regular basis to ensure correct payroll charges.

PAYROLL CAP: The Work-Study Program Cap prevents a charge to the Work-Study Program if the student has earned his/her maximum award. After the maximum is reached, 100% of the student's earnings will be charged to the department for any pay earned from that point forward. Questions about the cap for individual students should be directed to the appropriate Financial Aid Office (FAO) at the extensions listed in the CONTACTS section below.

AWARD AMOUNT: The work-study award amount is the gross earnings amount. Students may view and print a copy of the web award notification confirmation via StudentLink. This amount includes the department's portion, with the exception of the reading and mathematics tutoring of children and family literacy activities, which requires no match from the department. It is unlawful to require the work-study recipient to repay or otherwise be responsible for meeting the department's portion. Please be aware that award amounts often change throughout the year due to revisions made to the student's financial aid package. Also be aware that the student may have been previously employed or is currently employed by another department on work-study funds. A portion of the work-study award may have already been earned or is concurrently being earned. This needs to be accounted for when determining the student's remaining balance of work-study funds available for usage. In addition, you should contact the previous or current employing department to determine the work-study earned to date. Students must be enrolled to be eligible for work-study funding. If you have any questions regarding the current work-study award amount, please call the FAO at the appropriate extension listed in the CONTACTS section below.

PROJECTION: Work-Study funds may only be used to pay for hours actually worked; thus projection of hours worked is not allowed.

WORK HOURS: There is no longer a federal regulation that limits the number of hours a student can work per week. A student can exceed 40 hours per week of work under work-study funds, though departments should review 32/Overtime (Non-exempt employees only) before allowing any employee to work over 40 hours per week. Other policies such as 42/Sick Leave should also be reviewed. Payment of overtime is allowed with work-study funds. Students must be paid on an hourly basis.

Sick leave, vacation or holiday pay, and other non-wage payment may not be paid with work-study funds.

The work schedule should be a mutual agreement between the employer and the employee.

MONTHLY AUDIT: Departments are required to record the breakdown of hours worked by a student on a daily basis, and obtain supervisor signature and date and student signatures and dates. Immediately after each pay period, please forward a copy of the completed and signed OLPTR to the appropriate Financial Aid Office at the mail codes listed in the CONTACTS section below. IMPORTANT NOTE: For audit purposes, it is a requirement that the supervisor sign and date all student timesheets. Additionally, please print a copy of the completed Entry Verification Form from the On-Line Timekeeping System and attach this to the signed and dated timesheet.

Procedures require that the Financial Aid Office perform a detailed audit of work-study earnings. The OLPTR is considered the common timesheet. Our office will not accept individualized department timesheets.

The Financial Aid Office will audit payments made on Work-Study Program funds and request copies of missing or incomplete OLPTRs. IMPORTANT NOTE: If a copy of the requested OLPTR is not submitted by the date requested, the charge for the prior work-study payment associated with the requested OLPTR will be reversed and applied to your department account at 100%. The department will be notified when this occurs. Departments who repeatedly fail to follow the work-study procedures will be excluded from hiring work-study students.

COMPLIANCE: Failure to comply with Work-Study Regulations may result in the termination of work-study employees in your department.

CONTACTS: Contact Accounting at x44075, mail code 0953, with questions regarding Operating Ledger information.

Contact the Job Opportunities Program at x44472, mail code 0335, with questions regarding employing students at UCSD.

Contact Payroll at x42269, mail code 0952, with questions regarding payroll procedures.

Contact the Financial Aid Office at the appropriate extensions and mail codes listed below if you have any questions about a student's Work-Study award or about our audit procedures.




We appreciate your interest in hiring work-study students and remain committed to working with you to maintain a successful and viable program. Please feel free to contact the appropriate departments listed above or my office should you have any questions.

                                                Vincent De Anda
                                                Financial Aid Office