University of California, San Diego


October 5, 2004


SUBJECT:    Crime Prevention at UCSD

In our continuing effort to prevent crime occurrences at UCSD, the police department is asking for help from the members of the UCSD community by adding your eyes and ears to the police effort to spot and report crimes in progress.

It has been our experience that the most effective campus crime prevention programs are collaborative efforts. They include partnerships between the police department and members of the campus community, who, working together side-by-side, are watching out for one another.

Although campus crime remains relatively low, theft remains a continuing problem. The majority of crimes are committed by non-affiliates who come onto the UC campus with the sole purpose of stealing automobiles, motorcycles, computers, purses, wallets, equipment and other assorted property.

In this regard, members of the UCSD community can greatly assist by immediately reporting any/all suspicious activity to the police department. Experience suggests that often times, crimes are witnessed, but not immediately reported. While we encourage all reporting, "crimes in progress" should be reported immediately. Such reporting will greatly improve our ability to apprehend thieves and prevent property loss.

While on campus, you may reach the UCSD Police Department by dialing 4-HELP (4357) or 911 from any campus telephone, payphone or residence telephone. With the advent of cellular telephones, contacting the UCSD Police Department is simple and immediate. Simply dial the campus telephone number (858) 534-HELP (4357). If you forget the "HELP" number, simply dial 911 and ask the dispatcher to transfer you to the UCSD Police Department.

We look forward to an enhanced crime prevention partnership with the entire UCSD community. If the UCSD Police Department can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call.

Orville King
Chief of Police
UCSD Police Department