University of California, San Diego


November 10, 2004


SUBJECT:    Faculty Mentor Program

I am writing to invite your application for an undergraduate research assistant for the Winter and Spring quarters under the Faculty Mentor Program. All research assistants from the program are in their junior and senior years and make a commitment to work at least 10 hours a week on research assigned by the faculty.

The Faculty Mentor Program has been in existence for over twenty years and is intended to enrich undergraduate education, to encourage students to consider graduate or professional school, and to provide preparation for entrance into Ph.D. programs and careers in research and university teaching.

Students receive 8 units of 199 Independent Study credit - 4 units during the Winter and 4 in the Spring. In addition to assisting their professors, students write a research proposal and paper analyzing some facet of their mentor's research project. At the end of the year, participating students present their research at the annual Faculty Mentor Program Research Symposium, a culminating event Faculty Mentors are invited to attend.

I hope you will decide to apply for a research assistant. Last year, nearly 200 faculty and research scientists directly supervised undergraduate student research experiences through the Faculty Mentor Program and, as a result, more than 200 students in a wide variety of disciplines became directly involved in the research process. I believe, as do so many of you, that we each bear a personal, professional responsibility to directly assist in the preparation of tomorrow's research leaders. Such preparation, for many of our future Ph.D.'s, will begin with opportunities you can provide in the months ahead.

Please follow the link http://aep.ucsd.edu/fmp/application.asp to submit an application for a 199 research assistant. If you have any specific questions or suggestions concerning the program, please contact me at Ext. 4-1774 or dartis@ucsd.edu. Thank you.

David Artis, Ph.D., Director
Academic Enrichment Programs