University of California, San Diego


November 16, 2004

ALL AT UCSD (including UCSD Healthcare)

SUBJECT:    Cross-Cultural Centerís 10th Anniversary

The UCSD Cross-Cultural Center (CCC) is marking its 10th anniversary year with a series of community events, and I am pleased to invite you to participate.

Today, the CCC will hold a program at the Center on East African Refugee Youth at 3:30 p.m., and on February 10, the CCC features a program on Global Connections. The Centerís anniversary activities culminate with a May 26 Cultivating Community Recognition Ceremony and ends with the All Peopleís Party on May 27 that will feature alumni artists and entertainment.

The CCC opened in 1995 with two distinct and interlocking missions: to aid in the academic, professional and personal development of students, staff and faculty members of historically underrepresented groups through programs, services and events; and to build connections and create a culturally conscious university where all members of the campus and San Diego community could engage and learn.

Collaborating with members of the campus community centers, campus groups, faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and community members, the Center continues to aim for meaningful dialogue and context across all dimensions of diversity. Supportive and educational resources are offered through art, programs, workshops and outreach.

Through these 10 years the Cross-Cultural Center has kept to this vision of cultivating community and I am pleased to recognize this achievement. You are invited to join in all activities marking this milestone year. For more information on these and other 10-year activities, please see http://ccc.ucsd.edu.

Marye Anne Fox