University of California San Diego


March 16, 2004


SUBJECT:    Family Friendly Benefits

I am pleased to formally announce a number of improvements to the family friendly benefits available to academic appointees at UCSD. The University is committed to assisting academics in balancing the needs of work and family and it is my sincere hope that the changes announced today, which are responsive to recommendations from the Gender Equity Task Force, will not only improve the available benefits, but will also result in greater utilization of family accommodation benefits by all academic appointees.

Family Accommodations Reporting (FAR) Form

A Family Accommodations Reporting (FAR) form has been developed for reporting family accommodation benefits. This form replaces the Academic Leave of Absence/Sabbatical (ALAS) form when reporting childbearing or parental leave or periods of active service-modified duties. The FAR form and instructions are available on the Academic Affairs website at http://academicaffairs.ucsd.edu/offices/apo/family.

Additional Quarter of Active Service-Modified Duties (ASMD) for Childbearers

Academic appointees who bear children may now take a combined total of two quarters (rather than one quarter as previously provided) of ASMD and childbearing leave.

Extension of the Probationary Period

Assistant level academic appointees who report childbearing leave or parental leave equal to or in excess of one quarter will automatically receive a one year extension of the probationary period. All other academic appointees with substantial responsibility for the care of a newborn child or child under age five placed for adoption will receive a one year extension of the probationary period when requested on the FAR form.

Temporary FTE Reimbursement for Departments Engaged in Undergraduate Teaching

As of Fall Quarter, 2003 the Senior Vice Chancellor's office will provide departments engaged in undergraduate teaching with a one-course temporary FTE reimbursement in the amount of $6,000 per quarter for each ladder-rank faculty member relieved of teaching responsibility during a childbearing leave or period of ASMD.

I wish to thank the Gender Equity Task Force for their recommendations. If you have any questions, please contact Kristi Petruzzelli, Director of Academic Employee Relations (x2-2041 or kpetruzzelli@ucsd.edu) or your department academic personnel representative.

David R. Miller
Acting Senior Vice Chancellor