University of California, San Diego


April 16, 2004


SUBJECT:    Proposed New Academic Personnel Policies

The University invites comments on drafts of Academic Personnel Policy 278, the salaried Clinical Professor series; Academic Personnel Policy 210-6, Instructions to Review Committees Which Advise on Actions Concerning the Clinical Professor series; Academic Personnel Policy 279, the non-compensated Community Health Professor series; a revised Academic Personnel Policy 133-0, Limitations on Total Period of Service with a Summary Chart including Appendix A.

The proposed Clinical Professor series is designed for salaried faculty who participate in patient care and teach in clinical training programs. The proposed without salary Community Health Professor series utilizes the interest and expertise of community practitioners on a part-time non-compensated basis for both patient care services and clinical teaching activities. While both types of appointments currently exist on the campus, there has never been a systemwide policy governing these series. Proposed changes to Academic Personnel Policy 133-0 on limitations on service and Academic Personnel Policy 210-6 on instructions to review committees will implement the proposed new policies.

The proposed Clinical Professor policy will apply to salaried Clinical Professor series appointees. It will also apply to individuals at zero percent time who hold without salary UC faculty positions concurrently with a salaried clinical appointment at an affiliated institution or as a staff physician or allied heath professional at a University hospital. The non-compensated Community Health Professor policy will apply to those community practitioners who donate their time to the University. An earlier version of these policies was distributed in April 2003 for review and comment. There was significant and varied commentary that resulted in some substantive changes in the proposed policies and thus the need for a second formal review.

The proposed policies are available at the following website

This is a formal review of the above policies. If you have any comments or questions, please contact Associate Dean Andrew Ries (aries@ucsd.edu) no later than Monday, June 7, 2004.

David R. Miller
Acting Senior Vice Chancellor