University of California, San Diego


April 16, 2004


SUBJECT:    April 27, 2004 Meeting

Dear Colleagues:

Our next Assembly meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 27, at 3:30 p.m., in Garren Auditorium, Room 1105 in the Basic Science Building. The Notice of Meeting (agenda) and all pertinent documents may be found on the Senate's Web page at:


We will hear presentations on two important topics. There is considerable concern about budgetary developments. For this reason, we have scheduled a discussion on the budget, which will be guided by Committee on Planning and Budget Chair Jean-Bernard Minster. Earlier this month you were informed that there will be a systemwide electronic survey conducted the first week in May to elicit faculty opinions on whether UC should compete to manage the national DOE Labs. Professor Henry Abarbanel will guide a discussion of this matter in an effort to inform us of the issues and provide an opportunity for discussion prior to that survey.

We will also have the great pleasure of acting on the nominations for the Senate's 2003-04 Distinguished Teaching Awards. In addition, we will receive the annual reports of several standing committees and adopt a Memorial Resolution for Professor Emeritus Edwin Sill Fussell.

For instructions on how to access the Web site or to obtain a paper copy of the Notice of Meeting, please contact the Academic Senate Office at extension 4-3640. If your preference is to receive a paper copy of the Notice of Meeting, your name will be place on a Senate mailing list. To request that your name be placed on this list, contact the Academic Senate Office at the above number.

Please mark your calendars for 3:30 p.m. on April 27th. I look forward to seeing you then.


Jan B. Talbot, Chair
Academic Senate, San Diego Division

cc: Members of the San Diego Division