University of California, San Diego


May 4, 2004


SUBJECT:    CAPE Schedule for Spring Quarter 2004 Now Available Online

NOTE: This email pertains only to faculty who are teaching an undergraduate class that is scheduled for evaluation by Course and Professor Evaluations (CAPE) during Spring Quarter 2004.

The complete CAPE Spring Quarter 2004 schedule is now available online at www.cape.ucsd.edu, under the "Professors", "Class Schedules" section of the CAPE website, and it will be updated weekly. Scheduling notices for CAPE evaluation dates were sent to CAPE liaisons in departments, colleges, and academic programs last week. Please contact your CAPE liaison if you have not received your notice(s) by Wednesday, May 5, 2004. A listing of CAPE department, college, and academic program liaisons can be found on the CAPE website.

Evaluations will begin with the seventh week of the quarter on Monday, May 10, 2004 and will continue through the tenth week of the quarter.

Please note that significant changes have been made to the CAPE Student Evaluation form, as previously announced during Fall Quarter 2003 in the campus notice distributed on October 20, 2003 (http://adminrecords.ucsd.edu/Notices/2003/2003-10-20-1.html) . The most noticeable change to the revised CAPE form is its green background. Also, five optional Instructor Questions have been added. If you elect to use some or all of the Instructor Questions, you will need to have your questions prominently displayed on a whiteboard, chalkboard, overhead, or distributed to your students on the date your class is scheduled to be evaluated. CAPE will not keep a record of these questions, but will provide statistical data on responses received. It will be up to you to maintain a copy of your questions for future use. Statistics are mailed to departments, colleges, and academic programs in which the course is taught at the end of each quarter. You may find sample Instructor Questions and the revised CAPE form on the CAPE website, under the "Instruction" section.

Other changes have been made to the CAPE form:

   - What grade do you expect in this class? (A, B, C, D, F, P, NP)
   - Instructor starts and finishes class on time.
   - I learned a great deal from this course.
   - How often do you attend this course?
   - Instructor Questions (as previously mentioned)

The TA Questions (three) have been deleted to provide room for the Instructor Questions. However, TA questions can be used in the Instructor Questions, and the TA comments section remains on the reverse side of the CAPE form.

We ask that you discard any old pink CAPE forms you may have. We will not be able to scan any completed old pink CAPE forms, and if received, we will return them (unscanned) to the CAPE Liaison in the department, college, or academic program where the course is taught.

Please contact us at x4-2668 or cape@ucsd.edu as soon as possible if you have any requests for scheduling changes or questions.

Megan Green
CAPE Director

Joe Spano
CAPE Runner Coordinator