University of California, San Diego


July 28, 2004


SUBJECT:    Recruitment, Associate Dean, Universitywide Education Abroad Program

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce the following UC faculty opening:


The University of California Education Abroad Program (EAP) invites applications for the position of Associate Dean. EAP is the University's primary international program and provides students with access to rigorous programs in other countries that complement their UC academic programs. Each year, EAP sends over 4200 UC students to 150 host institutions in 35 countries throughout the world. Approximately 1,000 foreign students attend UC campuses under reciprocal exchange agreements with these host institutions.

The Associate Dean reports to, and works closely with, the Associate Director/Academic Dean of the Universitywide Office of the Education Abroad Program (UOEAP). The responsibilities of the Associate Dean fall into three major areas: UC faculty relations, academic integration, and academic evaluation and monitoring. The Associate Dean manages the recruitment and selection process for EAP Study Center Directors and works closely with EAP staff in training new Study Center Directors and Study Center Liaison Officers. The Associate Dean also administers the Faculty Exchange Program with UOEAP's Reciprocal Exchange section. The Associate Dean provides support for efforts to integrate EAP into the academic curriculum of the campuses; works closely with UOEAP's Regional Directors in providing oversight of Study Centers abroad; works with UOEAP's Academic Specialists on issues related to academic oversight, including the review and approval of course approval requests, grades, and petitions for EAP students studying abroad; and provides oversight for formal faculty reviews of EAP programs.

The Associate Dean must be a tenured member of the UC Academic Senate. She or he may be a current faculty member, lecturer with security of employment, or recent retiree. The appointment is for a two-year term, subject to possible renewal for a second term by mutual agreement with the Universitywide Director and Associate Director. EAP encourages applicants from all UC campuses. The successful candidate will reside in Santa Barbara, where UOEAP is headquartered. Salary is negotiable based on experience.


* Knowledge of Education Abroad Programs and campus academic programs
* Experience with the academic curricula and processes of the campuses
* Experience with working with UC faculty, as well as campus academic
   advisors and administrators
* Demonstrated management/administrative experience
* Excellent communication skills and successful experience with working
   effectively in teams

Interested candidates should send a resume/curriculum vitae and a letter describing their administrative experience by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2004 to:

Deborah Karoff,
UOEAP Human Resources Director,
Education Abroad Program
6550 Hollister Ave., Suite 2402
Goleta, CA 93117-5509
EMAIL: dkaroff@eap.ucop.edu
EAP WEBSITE: http://eap.ucop.edu/

John A. Marcum
Universitywide Director
Education Abroad Program