University of California, San Diego


October 18, 2005

ALL AT UCSD (including UCSD Medical Center)

SUBJECT:    Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training - Online

Program Based on Assembly Bill 1825 (which became law on January 1, 2005), supervisors are required to have two hours of sexual harassment prevention training by January 1, 2006. At UCSD, for the purpose of the sexual harassment prevention training, supervisors include all academic appointees. Many supervisors have already satisfied this requirement by attending relevant programs offered at UCSD.

Supervisors may also comply with this requirement by taking the new online program provided by the Office of the President and developed with a vendor, Workplace Answers. Supervisors who have not already satisfied the requirement, as referenced above, will receive an email from Workplace Answers with a personalized link to the new program.

Three versions of the Workplace Answers online program will be available by the end of October 2005:

* A general supervisory version
* A version designed for those working in the healthcare environment
* A version for academic appointees.

The two-hour course may be taken from any computer with access to the Internet. Users can stop the course and restart at a later time from their point of departure. The program also keeps track of who has completed the course.

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the training requirement, including information about the new online program and about registration for classroom-style programs, may be found at http://oshpp.ucsd.edu/index.shtml.

Specific questions may be directed to Jenni Leibman at Employee Relations (858) 534-4136, to Amy Rosen at Academic Employee Relations (858) 822-2041 or to Wendy Hansbrough at UCSD Medical Center (858) 657-6789.

Compliance with this new state law advances the overall goal of a harassment-free environment at UCSD. I thank all supervisors for providing leadership on this important topic.

Marye Anne Fox