University of California, San Diego


October 4, 2005


SUBJECT:    Proposed Revised Policy on Active Service-Modified Duties

The University invites comments to the proposed revised policy on active service-modified duties.

During March 2005, proposed revisions to policies related to work and family were circulated for formal review. In response to comments received, changes to the March 15, 2005, draft of the proposed policy on active service-modified duties have been made that require a second formal review of APM 760-28. Other policies circulated in March 2005 are not being reviewed at this time. Major changes to the policy would:

Specify that an academic appointee who is a birth mother and who has a full-time appointment for a full academic year (three quarters or two semesters) or more is eligible for a total period of childbearing leave plus active service-modified duties of two quarters or two semesters.

Clarify modifications of duties for academic appointees (excluding Health Sciences Compensation Plan faculty members who are covered by APM 760-28-c) as follows. For ladder-rank faculty, the modification of duties normally will be either partial or full relief from teaching without the assignment of additional teaching duties before or after to offset the teaching relief. For other faculty who primarily have teaching duties, the modification of duties normally will be partial teaching relief or the assignment of additional resources such as teaching assistants or readers, as appropriate. For all other eligible academic appointees, the modification of duties normally will be a reduced workload.

The proposed revised policy would apply to all non-exclusively represented academic employees and employees in the Non-Senate Instructional Unit.

The proposed revised policy is available at the following Website:


This is a formal review of the above policy. If you have comments or questions, please contact Kristina Petruzzelli at kpetruzzelli@ucsd.edu no later than Monday, October 24, 2005.

Marsha A. Chandler
Senior Vice Chancellor