University of California, San Diego


November 17, 2005


SUBJECT:    New and Revised Academic Personnel Policies for Clinical
Faculty Titles

The University has issued new and revised academic personnel policies governing academic appointees engaged in clinical supervision in the University's health sciences schools.

While there has been consensus on the importance of issuing formal personnel policy for physicians appointed (either salaried or non-salaried) to teach and participate in patient care, and community physicians who volunteer their time at the University, it has been particularly difficult to decide upon an appropriate name for the different categories of appointees.

The feedback received from various reviewers made it clear that it is necessary to continue use of the title Voluntary Clinical Professor for those community health care providers who donate their time to the University to provide supervision of the University's health sciences trainees.

For this reason the title Health Sciences Clinical Professor was chosen for physicians who are appointed (either salaried or non-salaried) to teach the application of basic sciences and the mastery of clinical procedures and to participate in patient care. These appointees are currently classified as Clinical Professors (salaried or non-salaried). At the Chancellor's direction, campuses may continue to use working titles for these appointees, but the new official title should be used in all academic appointment and review files and formal communications.

At UCSD, salaried clinical faculty, clinical faculty compensated via a concurrent appointment, and clinical faculty salaried by the VA should be appointed in the Health Sciences Clinical Professor series.

The new and revised policies are effective July 1, 2005 and are available on the Web at:

The new Academic Personnel Policy 278, Health Sciences Clinical Professor Series, governs faculty who are paid by the University's formal affiliates. http://www.ucop.edu/acadadv/acadpers/apm/apm-278.pdf

The revised Academic Personnel Policy 210, section 6, provides instruction to Review Committees which advise on actions concerning the Health Sciences Clinical Professor series. http://www.ucop.edu/acadadv/acadpers/apm/apm-210.pdf

The revised Academic Personnel Policy 133, Limitation on Total Period of Service with Certain Academic Titles, adds the new Health Sciences Clinical Professor series to the relevant sections of this policy. http://www.ucop.edu/acadadv/acadpers/apm/apm-133.pdf

The new Academic Personnel Policy 279, Clinical Professor, Volunteer Series, governs the academic appointments of community health care professionals who donate their time to provide supervision of the University's health sciences trainees. Please note that section APM-279-10 outlines a new process for determining clinical competence for appointees in this series. However, it is understood it may take some time to develop processes to comply with the new policy, and local procedures to comply with this requirement may be phased in over a five-year period. http://www.ucop.edu/acadadv/acadpers/apm/apm-279.pdf

The following sections of the Academic Personnel Manual have been updated to reflect the titles introduced in the new clinical series:

Revised Academic Personnel Policy 110-4(14), Academic Personnel Definitions. http://www.ucop.edu/acadadv/acadpers/apm/apm-110.pdf Revised Academic Personnel Policy 112-4-b(9) and 112-4-b(21), Academic Titles. http://www.ucop.edu/acadadv/acadpers/apm/apm-112.pdf Revised Academic Personnel Policy 220-4b, Professor Series. http://www.ucop.edu/acadadv/acadpers/apm/apm-220.pdf

If you have any questions concerning the revised policy or their implementation at UCSD, please contact the School of Medicine Office of Academic Affairs at X4-0755.

Marsha A. Chandler
Senior Vice Chancellor