University of California, San Diego


June 16, 2005


SUBJECT:    Lactation Policy and Pilot Program

The University strives to create an exceptional working and learning environment attuned to both professional and personal needs, such as a nursing mother's need to express milk for her baby, and recognizes the demonstrated health benefits of breastfeeding to both babies and mothers.

In accordance with UCSD's Principles of Community, campus values for quality of work life and student life, UCSD is implementing a Lactation Accommodation Policy. In compliance with California law, the policy states the University is required to provide appropriate space in close proximity to the employee's work area and a reasonable amount of break time for the purpose of expressing breast milk. This policy applies to all UCSD employees and students who may need lactation accommodation. For the complete policy, please refer to:

PPM 270-9, Lactation Accommodation http://adminrecords.ucsd.edu/ppm/docs/270-9.pdf

In October 2004, a Steering Committee on UCSD Lactation Facilities and Services was convened to implement a Lactation Service Pilot Program. The committee is introducing new lactation facilities, monitoring usage, and determining whether additional facilities, services, or resources are required. A Blink page on lactation accommodation links to a list of UCSD lactation facilities and provides lactation contact information:


The UCSD Women's Center will provide information packets to individuals interested in the lactation program, will issue the access codes to rooms with Omnilocks, and will maintain an e-mail list to update users as new facilities are brought on board. To use the facilities, please register with the Women's Center by e-mailing lactation@ucsd.edu, calling (858)822-0074, or visiting the Women's Center at Building 965, University Center. Alternatively, register at today's People Expo.

Today (Thursday, June 16), you are invited to drop by the Lactation Booth at People Expo located in the Price Center Ballroom and attend the mini-session "Back to Work - What's a Nursing Mother to Do" from 11:45 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. A lactation specialist will be on hand to answer questions and, upon request, attendees can visit the new Price Center lactation room directly across from the ballroom.

For more information or to provide feedback on the Lactation Service Pilot Program, you may e-mail lactation@ucsd.edu.

Marye Anne Fox