University of California, San Diego


July 15, 2005


SUBJECT:    Introducing Media Services Self-Serve System

Media Services has installed self-serve Media Stations in 98 of the General Use Classrooms. The equipment was installed in response to the increased amount of computer use in the classrooms. The stations include a DVD/CD/VHS player and in the lecture halls a wireless microphone. Each classroom has a computer/video projector, screen, overhead projector and a wired and wireless network connection. Computers and laptops will no longer be delivered to the classroom. You may visit our website at http://mediacenter.ucsd.edu and click on "Media Station, Self-Serve System" for a listing of the Self-Serve classrooms and for more detailed information on this new system.

Media Services will be holding several orientations this summer to introduce you to our Self-Serve System which will begin this Fall. We are very excited to show you the equipment that we have installed that will be available to you without placing an order during the three academic quarters.

These orientations are intended for Faculty who utilize audio-visual and computer presentation equipment in any of the General Use Classrooms and Staff who normally order that equipment from Media Services.

Part One will include simple how-to instructions on:

* Identifying the locations and contents of classroom Media Stations
* Playing CDs, DVDs and videocassettes
* Using MP3 Players and iPods

Part Two will offer detailed step-by-step instructions on using your laptops with the installed computer projectors. Please feel free to bring your laptop with you if you would like a "dry run" following the orientation.

Dates and Times of Orientations:

7/19/05 10a-11a Center Hall, Room 119
7/27/05 10a-11a Pepper Canyon Hall, Room 122
8/25/05 10a-11a Peterson Hall, Room 102
9/19/05 9a-10a Warren Lecture Hall, Room 2111
9/19/05 11a-12n York, Room 2622
9/19/05 2p-3p Peterson Hall, Room 103
9/20/05 9a-10a Peterson Hall, Room 104
9/20/05 11a-12n York, Room 2622
9/20/05 2p-3p Solis Lecture Hall, Room 107
9/21/05 9:30a-10:30a Ledden Auditorium
9/21/05 2p-3p Pepper Canyon Hall, Room 122

You may enroll in the orientation by clicking on the following link.

< href="https://enrollmentcentral.ucsd.edu/sed_course.cfm?&cdcrs=MEDIASLFSV">https://enrollmentcentral.ucsd.edu/sed_course.cfm?&cdcrs=MEDIASLFSV

We hope to see you at one of our orientations. For more information, contact Tina Rynard, Assistant Director, Media Center at X44532.

Sherman George
Media Center