University of California, San Diego


August 9, 2005


SUBJECT:    Call for One-unit Undergraduate Seminars, Winter and
Spring 2006

This letter is intended to encourage you (if you have not already done so) to consider offering a one-unit undergraduate seminar for winter or spring quarter 2006. The purpose of the One-Unit Undergraduate Seminar is to: a) foster closer interaction between undergraduate students and faculty members, and b) introduce undergraduates to exciting areas of intellectual interest outside of the mainstream curriculum. Seminars that are congruent with the faculty member's home department are listed as a 90 within their department. Faculty of SIO, SOM, or IRPS and faculty instructing seminars distinctive from their department will have their seminars listed as WARR (Warren) 90s.

The seminars typically meet once a week, totaling 8 to 10 hours a quarter. Many participating faculty begin instruction during week 2 of the quarter and conclude by week 10, so they do not interfere with finals. Enrollment is open to undergraduates at all levels, with enrollment restricted to 25 students. Moreover, at least five students must be enrolled in a seminar at week 4 of the quarter or the course will be cancelled. Individual variations may be accommodated if you inform us of your requirements. All students are required to do work commensurate with a one-unit, P/NP course, and there is no CEP guideline beyond that. Credits are limited to four seminars (varying in topic) in a student's academic career and none of the seminars are counted toward college or departmental requirements.

Faculty who instruct a 90 seminar for the first time are compensated with $1,000 to be used for instructional & research (I& R) support upon the completion of the quarter of instruction. Faculty who have instructed a 90 seminar previously (same or new topic) are allocated $500 for I & R support. A maximum of $1000 maybe be allocated per quarter, if a faculty member chooses to offer two seminars. The units are not counted toward a faculty member's teaching load. The great majority of participating instructors have found the seminars a rewarding experience.

Faculty should work with their department to secure a location for their seminars; if a faculty member is instructing a WARR 90 then Warren College may assist faculty in securing a location.

If you are interested in offering a One-Unit Undergraduate Seminar for winter or spring quarter 2006 or have any questions, please contact Amanda Wilson, Program Coordinator, at 534-1709 or aiwilson@ucsd.edu. To offer a seminar, please forward the following information to Amanda Wilson, via campus mail (MC 0422) or e-mail, before September 2, 2005.

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Steven Adler
Warren College