University of California, San Diego


September 16, 2005


SUBJECT:    Hurricane Katrina Emergency Response

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, massive emergency assistance programs are being mobilized. These efforts are bolstered by untold numbers of volunteers, who are caring for those affected by the hurricane, reinstating basic services and, eventually, rebuilding and revitalizing local economies.

Many members of the UCSD community have expressed an interest in providing aid. University employees affected by or responding to Hurricane Katrina may be eligible for paid administrative leave.

Jenni Leibman, Director, Employee Relations and Policy Development, has been designated as the UCSD Program Coordinator to handle requests and issues in response to Hurricane Katrina. She will work with supervisors to review and approve requests to participate in relief efforts using either paid or unpaid leave. Academic employees who have questions about leave to participate in relief efforts should contact Tricia Takacs, Director, Academic Personnel, at ttakacs@ucsd.edu.

For employees with special skills, such as medical personnel, scientific and technical personnel, and environmental health and safety personnel, who are members of University-sponsored response teams that are organized on a university-wide or local basis and are being sent to assist with the relief efforts, administrative leave with pay may be granted for the duration of the assignment.

After securing the approval of their supervisors and the UCSD Program Coordinator, employees who participate in relief efforts with agencies that have requested assistance, such as FEMA and the Red Cross, may be granted administrative leave with pay for a period of time to be determined, depending upon the particular circumstances.

For employees who, on their own initiative, wish to volunteer to aid with relief work, administrative leave with pay generally will not be granted unless it is warranted by extraordinary circumstances. Vacation leave and/or leave without pay may be granted, depending upon operational considerations. In all circumstances, the employee must coordinate any requests with his or her supervisor and the UCSD Program Coordinator.

For employees who need to assist or care for family and friends directly affected by Hurricane Katrina, sick leave and/or vacation leave may be utilized, as well as family and medical leave and personal leave consistent with policy and/or collective bargaining agreements.

Employees who wish to request leave for the above purposes should complete the Hurricane Katrina Response Leave Request Form which can be found at http://www-hr.ucsd.edu/news/katrina.pdf and return it to Jenni Leibman, UCSD Human Resources, MC: 0922. Employees will be required to provide documentation from the recognized relief agency.

Requests for leave will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. All requests are to be preapproved prior to an employee's taking leave.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those members of our community who are making contributions to the relief efforts, and to express my continued concern for those who have been personally affected by the tragedy.

Marye Anne Fox