Campus Notice
University of California, San Diego


January 9, 2006


SUBJECT:    Founding Dean of Division of Biological Sciences to Step Down
at End of Term

After a five-year term of distinguished service as Dean of the Division of Biological Sciences, and previously eight years as a Dean at Columbia University, Eduardo Macagno has announced his decision to step down as Biological Sciences Dean, effective June 30, 2006 to focus on his scientific research and play a leading role in the development of UCSD's international collaborations in science and technology in Latin America.

A developmental neurobiologist, Dean Macagno joined the UCSD faculty in 2001 as the first Dean of the Division of Biological Sciences. Before arriving at UCSD, he spent 37 years at Columbia University, where he rose in the ranks from a graduate student in physics to a professor of biology and then to Associate Vice-President of Arts and Sciences for Research and Graduate Education and Dean of Columbia's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Under Dean Macagno's leadership, Biology has evolved from a department within the Division of Natural Sciences to the Division of Biological Sciences. He has been very successful in expanding the scope and influence of UCSD's world-renowned biological sciences program. His outstanding recruitment and retention efforts have resulted in an extraordinary caliber of faculty and an increase from approximately 60 to 80 Biological Sciences faculty during his term as Dean.

The Biological Sciences Division has made important strides in education and outreach under Dean Macagno's leadership. The undergraduate program has been reshaped to be more responsive to the needs of students and San Diego's biotechnology community. Innovative ways have been developed for the local community to derive practical benefits from the current revolution in biology. The Division has established the Grey Matters and Science Matters lecture series, which draw upon the expertise of UCSD faculty and other institutions on the mesa to provide insight into current scientific issues. The lectures are broadcast on UCSD-TV's local cable networks in San Diego and affiliate stations nationwide.

A native of Argentina, Eduardo has been a vocal advocate within the local community of providing greater access for Latinos to higher education and of using the university's intellectual resources to assist local science educators. He also holds a deep appreciation of the value of cross-disciplinary collaborations, one of the hallmarks of UCSD.

Chancellor Fox commended Dean Macagno, "I very much appreciate Eduardo's leadership. We are indeed fortunate that as a renowned international scholar, he will be returning to his highly productive scientific research and that he has also agreed to play a leading role in our efforts to enhance UCSD's international programs and collaborations with Latin America."

Over the next several months, we will be working to ensure a smooth transition and will soon begin a national search for the next Biological Sciences Dean. Please join me in thanking Dean Macagno for his many contributions to the development of the Division of Biological Sciences.

Marsha A. Chandler
Senior Vice Chancellor -
Academic Affairs