University of California, San Diego


October 10, 2006


Subject:    Proposition 1D

In recent weeks, a number of students, faculty and staff have asked me about several state propositions that California voters will consider on the November 7 election ballot. I am writing to encourage you to learn more about them and how they may affect our campus.

There are several important issues on the ballot this fall, including a package of public works bond measures as part of the “Rebuild California” plan presented by the Governor and the Legislature. These bonds would provide funding for roads, ports and public transit, affordable housing, public education and flood-control levees. Other measures would fund projects to protect water quality, create a cigarette tax for health services, and address the issue of eminent domain. One of these propositions will directly impact UC.

Proposition 1D asks California voters to approve $10.4 billion in bonds that will help public K-12 schools, colleges and universities alleviate overcrowded classrooms, make badly needed seismic and other repairs to aging buildings, and upgrade university facilities in engineering and scientific fields that will fuel California’s future economic growth. UC’s 10 campuses would receive $690 million in Prop. 1D funds over the next two years. An additional $200 million would be provided to expand UC medical education and telemedicine programs.

UC San Diego would receive $94.5 million, including: $75.1 million for the Structural and Materials Engineering Building; $13.1 million for additional space and renovations for Mayer Hall; $2.2 million for equipment for the Music Building; $1 million for planning costs for the second phase of the Rady School of Management facility; and $3.2 million for improvements to the campus’ chilled water and electrical distribution systems.

Opponents, who argue against adding to the state debt, believe that this bond is too large, and have expressed concerns about how the funds will be spent. Supporters regard Prop.1D as a wise investment in the infrastructure needed to improve educational quality and sustain California’s economic growth. These new bonds, they contend, would allow UC to accommodate the growing number of students, improve building safety and modernize obsolete facilities as the University works to fulfill its public mission of education and research in the coming years.

Prop 1D has been endorsed by a broad coalition of education, business and taxpayer groups, including the California Taxpayers Association, the California Chamber of Commerce, California State PTA, the California Business Roundtable and the California Teachers Association. Opponents include the California Taxpayer Protection Committee and the California Political Review.

Details about Prop.1D are available at: http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/news/prop1d/. You may obtain more information about the location of your polling place and how to vote by mail, as well as ballot arguments about all the propositions on the Secretary of State’s web site, http://www.ss.ca.gov.

Marye Anne Fox