University of California, San Diego


October 10, 2006


SUBJECT:    Academic Integrity Policy: New Resources for Instructors and

Staff Integrity of Scholarship is fundamental to the work of our academic community and one of the most important values shared by our faculty and students. Beginning in 2004, the Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) conducted two separate and comprehensive reviews of the UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship and its implementation. In the process of these reviews, we received requests for additional guidance and information regarding the policy.

Based upon the findings of those CEP reviews, the CEP is committed to a campuswide initiative to educate students, faculty and administrators regarding the impact of academic dishonesty at UCSD and how we can improve.

The Academic Senate and the Committee on Educational Policy are committed to promoting greater awareness of the policy and developing the resources necessary for its proper implementation. In response, we have developed the following:

1. The Academic Senate website now hosts a special webpage dedicated to Academic Integrity. The Academic Integrity webpage provides faculty and student affairs administrators with critical information regarding the UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship and the procedures for its implementation. You may find the webpage at:


2. We are pleased to make available the newly updated Instructor's Guide for Preventing and Processing Incidents of Academic Dishonesty. This is a practical document, with explicit recommendations and instructions for instructors and staff regarding the prevention and processing of academic dishonesty incidents. We believe instructors will find this an indispensable resource when facing incidents of academic dishonesty, and we hope that all instructors will refer to it when developing strategies for reducing the opportunity for academic dishonesty in their classrooms. You may find the guide on the Academic Integrity webpage at:


3. We encourage you to read the 2004-05 and the 2005-06 CEP Review Reports on Integrity of Scholarship. You may find these on the Academic Integrity webpage at:


Additionally, CEP will launch a campus-wide Academic Integrity Initiative, to begin this academic year. As part of the Initiative, members of the CEP and other involved campus officials will visit departments to discuss this important matter with faculty.

We are committed to providing the campus with the tools and resources it needs to promote Academic Integrity. We hope that you will find the above resources helpful. Additionally, we hope will join us in our work with Integrity Initiative and, as noted in the CEP's report, affirm that cheating is a weak alternative to actually learning.

Scott Ashford, Chair,
Committee on Educational Policy

Henry Powell, Chair,
Academic Senate, San Diego Division