University of California, San Diego


November 2, 2006

ALL ACADEMICS AND STAFF AT UCSD (excluding the Medical Center)

SUBJECT:    Campus Security and Crime Prevention

The arrival of a new academic year and the upcoming holiday season make this time of year very exciting and busy for most of us. Unfortunately, it also presents thieves and other criminals with many opportunities while we are distracted. For this reason, the UCSD Police Department encourages you to pay special attention to the security of your office, lab or other workspace during this holiday season. You can do this by making sure you secure your workspace - even if you are only leaving for a few minutes - not leaving your valuables in plain view, by locking desk drawers containing valuables and confidential information, locking exterior doors and windows when you leave for the day, and always being aware and observant of your surroundings.

If you witness suspicious activity (behavior that seems out of the ordinary, or people who do not belong in your work area), report it immediately. Remember, if you think something is suspicious, it probably is.

Recently, some thefts and other crimes have occurred on our campus that could have resulted in the criminals being apprehended had the activity been immediately reported to the police. So please, if you see a possible crime in progress, or any other suspicious activity, call 9-1-1 from a campus phone or 534-HELP (4357) from a cellular phone as soon as it is safe to do so. Try to mentally record or jot down as much information as you can to provide the police dispatcher, including a specific location of the crime, detailed description of the suspect, and direction of travel if the suspected criminal is fleeing the scene. Remember, the UCSD Police Department fully investigates each reported incident, and only makes an arrest when it can definitively tie an individual to a crime. It is better for the entire campus community, to be safe rather than sorry.

If you would like more information on how to make your environment safer, please call the UCSD Police Department Crime Prevention Office at (858) 534-3644.

The UCSD Police Department thanks you for your help in preventing criminal activity by reporting it immediately.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.

Orville King
Chief of Police