University of California, San Diego


December 11, 2006


SUBJECT:    Holiday Closure for External Relations

The UCSD Division of External Relations will be closed from December 23, 2006 through January 2, 2007. This includes the offices of Alumni Relations, Development, Information Technology and Financial Systems (Gift Processing and the UCSD Foundation are a part of this unit) and University Communications.

University personnel in Development, Gift Processing and the Foundation will be “on call” to ensure any department or donor needs regarding calendar year end gifts can be accommodated. Some personnel will be in the office on rotating duty. All applicable telephones and email addresses of staff persons in these areas will either be frequently checked, or will provide alternative contact information.

Our experience is that majority of our donors make their final year end gifts by check via US mail. However, if a donor contacts you or your department during the period of campus closure and wishes to deliver a gift of cash, check, or a stock certificate, or has a question on how to make a gift, please call our External Relations general numbers at either 858-822-1965 or 858-534-5289 and leave a detailed message including who to contact regarding the gift. These numbers will be checked at least three times per day during the closure. If a message is left, the call will be returned no later than 5pm the same day, or the morning of the next day if the call occurs after 5pm.

If a donor contacts you and wishes to give a gift using a credit card during the closure, please refer the donor to UCSD’s online giving website which can be accessed at http://www-er.ucsd.edu/givetoucsd . Once credit card information is entered on the site, they are charged via an automated process and the gift receipt will reflect the actual gift date.

Information on how donors can make a gift of marketable securities can be found at the Gift Processing website at http://www-er.ucsd.edu/giftprocessing/ . Please ensure that donors provide a gift letter for gifts of securities in accordance with those instructions. Securities gifts cannot be sold until a gift letter is received. Copies of gift letters for security gifts should be sent immediately via email (pdf or word document) to itracy@ucsd.edu.

For all divisions that are closed during the holidays, substantial amounts of mail may need to be processed upon reopening. In a separate notice sent simultaneously with this notice, we have provided instructions regarding the importance of retention and submission of all envelopes bearing the postmark date, as that date is legal evidence of whether a gift was made before or after December 31. Please be certain to read that information as well.

Thank you, and please call us with questions or concerns. Happy Holidays!

Keith E. Brant
Vice Chancellor