University of California, San Diego


May 2, 2006

ALL AT UCSD (including UCSD Medical Center)

SUBJECT:    Changes to PPSM 66 (Medical Separation) and PPSM 81
(Reasonable Accommodation) - Formal Review

The University is reviewing a number of Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM). As part of the University's commitment to provide disability accommodation, the University proposes revisions to PPSM 66 (Medical Separation) and PPSM 81 (Reasonable Accommodation). In addition, new Universitywide Procedures for these revised policies are being proposed to provide guidance to locations in their development of local implementing procedures and to ensure consistency in the application of the policies systemwide. PPSM apply to policy covered employees, while employees represented by a union are covered by applicable collective bargaining agreements.

The major proposed changes to PPSM 66 are:

* Adding language that the University will engage in the "Interactive Process" prior to proposing a medical separation

* Adding language to require that a proposed medical separation that is based on receipt or approval of UCRP or PERS disability payments will be reviewed by a University vocational rehabilitation counselor or appropriate representative

* Adding language that certain members of the University Police and Fire Departments who have received leave with full salary for up to one year due to certain work-incurred illnesses and injuries may be medically separated

* Adding language that medical documentation (certifying an employee's disability or medical condition) is required and subject to verification by a University-appointed licensed healthcare provider

The major proposed changes to PPSM 81 are:

* Adding language that the University and an employee will engage in the "Interactive Process" to identify possible options for reasonably accommodating an employee's disability

* Adding language that the University may require that an employee be examined by a licensed healthcare provider when necessary to determine the nature of the employee's functional limitations

* Deleting language on "Trial Employment" because placement of an employee in a temporary position is not a reasonable accommodation; a reasonable accommodation is to be identified through the use of the Interactive Process

* Deleting language on "Disability Benefits" because "Special Reappointment Procedures" are detailed in PPSM 66.E and apply to former employees who were medically separated

The proposed revised polices and new procedures are available on the At Your Service Web site:


If you would like to comment on the proposed revisions and new procedures, please email your comments by May 12, 2006 to employeerelations@ucsd.edu.

Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Human Resources