University of California, San Diego


May 4, 2006


SUBJECT:    2006/2007 Rideshare Program Incentives

In support of University of California's commitment to addressing environmental challenges, Transportation and Parking Services' Rideshare Operations is excited to be implementing new and improved alternative transportation options. These programs are designed to entice commuters to choose alternatives to driving and parking single-occupant vehicles at UCSD. As one of San Diego's largest employers and a community leader, UCSD should provide sustainable transportation solutions to reduce traffic, parking congestion, and air pollution in the San Diego area. Like all of us, Transportation and Parking Services is bearing the brunt of rapidly rising fuel costs associated with operating its shuttle fleet and therefore realizes that transportation options must be economically and environmentally sound.

As part of a three-year pilot program beginning in FY 2006/07, Transportation and Parking Services will offer additional financial incentives to encourage commuters to use Rideshare Programs. Effective July 1, 2006, Transportation and Parking Services will offer the following Rideshare Program incentives to participants:

* Two free months for all new Rideshare Program members (up to a $288 savings)

* $15 discount on all monthly Coaster passes

* $15 discount on all monthly Transit/ Trolley passes

* $10 reduction per month in 2006/2007 vanpool rates

* $1 per day parking along Bachman Drive, Hillcrest Medical Center (a $5 discount on daily parking)

In addition to pre-tax savings earned through payroll deduction, nearly 4,000 Rideshare members also received $2.1 million in free parking last year with quarterly Occasional Use Permits. In order to provide more Rideshare incentives and increase overall program participation, all Rideshare members, including Vanpoolers, will receive 10 complimentary days of parking per year - 5 days every six months- effective July 1, 2006. Rideshare members can take advantage of the other programs to meet their transportation needs.

* Rideshare members who occasionally need a car during the work day, can now use Flexcar. Faculty and Staff who do not hold permits can use a Flexcar vehicle for up to six hours per month for free - a $48 value. * Carpool and Pedal Club members living within a five-mile radius of UCSD can take advantage of the subsidized Free Bus Zone or use the City or Mesa Shuttles.

* Effective July 1, 2006, the Free Bus Zone for all routes will be extended and will include service to the Hillcrest Medical Center.

Transportation and Parking Services is serious about moving UCSD commuters out of their single-occupant vehicles and into ridesharing programs. By providing financial incentives for the UCSD community to use subsidized alternative transportation during 2006/2007, UCSD will distinguish itself as a community leader and strong proponent of sustainable transportation.

I fully support these initiatives. If you are not currently participating in an alternative transportation program, I encourage you to do so.

For more information about commuting alternatives, please visit our website at http://www.parking.ucsd.edu or contact the Rideshare Office at (858) 534-7433.

Gary C. Matthews
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Auxiliary & Plant Services