University of California, San Diego


May 5, 2006


SUBJECT:    Implementation of Revised Personnel Policies and Procedures

The following UC Personnel Policies for Staff Members (UCPPSM) have been revised and in addition include new Universitywide Procedures. The revisions are the result of informal and formal reviews. Local UCSD Implementing Procedures have been revised in support of the revised UC Personnel Policies for Staff Members.

POLICY 20 - RECRUITMENT (Effective January 1, 2006)

Policy 20 revisions and additions formalize career ladder recruitment and streamline advancement opportunities within a single class series. There is also an exception to recruitment to permit employees competitively selected for an internship program to be appointed to a vacant position pursuant to UCSD Implementing Procedures and approvals.

POLICY 23 - PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT (Effective December 1, 2005)

The name of Policy 23 has been changed from Performance Appraisal to Performance Management to emphasize that performance management is an ongoing process extending beyond the annual performance review. Language has been added on the importance of ongoing communication between a supervisor and an employee, both to enhance professional growth and development and to address job performance. Policy 23 emphasizes the role of performance expectations and goals in the written performance appraisal process, and in the identification of options for the acquisition of additional skills and knowledge to foster career growth and improvement in job performance.

POLICY 36 - CLASSIFICATION OF POSITIONS (Effective December 1, 2005)

Policy 36 addresses how a position is originally established and classified, and how significant changes in job duties and responsibilities may prompt a reclassification review. The policy allows either an employee or a department to initiate the request for a classification review, to assess whether a position's classification is appropriate based on the assigned job duties, and whether it is consistent with similarly situated positions.

POLICY 50 - PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (Effective January 1, 2006)

Policy 50 now includes enhanced language to support employee professional development and to provide, in general, 80 hours of release time per calendar year based on an approved development plan.

Each of these policies and universitywide procedures may be reviewed on the UCSD Blink website at: http://hr.ucsd.edu/Policy/RevisedPolicy.html

Inquiries regarding the Policies may be directed to Jenni Leibman, Director, Employee Relations and Policy Development, at jleibman@ucsd.edu or (858) 534-4136.

Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Human Resources