University of California, San Diego


May 9, 2006


SUBJECT:    Academic Personnel On-Line Steering Committee

I am pleased to announce that, in response to recommendations by two joint Senate/Administration task forces on academic personnel processes, a steering committee has been formed to direct the development of an electronic academic personnel system, AP On-Line (APOL). The system will allow academics and staff to create an information repository for a variety of academic personnel processes, thereby improving timeliness and accuracy while reducing the administrative workload. The steering committee will advise the Senior Vice Chancellor on project priorities, business needs, processes and procedures, use of technology and resources, and access control and security.

The following individuals have agreed to serve on the steering committee:

Margaret (Marty) Backer, Director, Enterprise Web Application Development
Salah Baouendi, Professor, Mathematics
Jennefer Collins, Assistant Vice Chancellor - Academic Affairs, Co-Chair
Joseph Esherick, Professor, History
Elazar Harel, Assistant Vice Chancellor - Administrative Computing & Telecommunications (ACT)
Beverly Hudson, Project Manager, ACT, Consultant
Dave Miller, Associate Vice Chancellor - Academic Affairs, Co-Chair
Stephanie Navrides, MSO, Sociology
Jude Poole, Biological Sciences
Dawn Reser, Academic Personnel Services, Consultant
Andrew Ries, Associate Dean, SOM
Jerry Schneider, Professor Emeritus, Pediatrics
Ray Weiss, Associate Dean, SIO

A staff advisory committee was also established to aid the steering committee, and user groups drawn from departmental and campus staff will provide information and analysis regarding workflow, collection of bibliographic and other data, document management, and security.

We anticipate that the pilot phase of the project will involve normal merit files, for which the deans have final authority. In later phases, other review actions and such academic personnel matters as leaves, sabbaticals, and family accommodations will be incorporated into the system. It is anticipated that AP On-Line will be phased in over a period of a few years.

Questions regarding AP On-Line may be directed to Assistant Vice Chancellor Jennefer Collins, at jcollins@ucsd.edu.

Marsha A. Chandler
Senior Vice Chancellor