University of California, San Diego


June 28, 2006


SUBJECT:    Director of the Center for Energy Research (CER)

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Farrokh Najmabadi as the Director of the Center for Energy Research effective July 1, 2006. Professor Najmabadi is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and has served as the Centerís Deputy Director since September 1, 2004. Since its founding in 1972 with Professor Sanford Penner as founding director, and then under the leadership of Professor Forman Williams, the Center has been at the forefront of both combustion and fusion research.

Professor Najmabadi brings to the directorship a strong record of scientific achievement in the area of fusion research for which he has received several awards. As recommended in the recent review of the Center, he is committed to broadening the Centerís research agenda to include new initiatives in areas such as bio-fuels and photovoltaics that will build on the Centerís strengths in combustion and fusion research and will help to address Californiaís and the nationís critical energy-related challenges. To this end he will be reaching out to faculty and students in a broad array of departments and ORUs who have an interest in the scientific, technological, and policy issues associated with energy production and utilization.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Professor Williams for his service as director. Since his appointment in 1991, he has had a record of substantial achievement in the area of combustion research and he has brought national and international recognition to the Center and the campus for research in the energy field.

Please join me in welcoming Professor Najmabadi as the next Director of the Center for Energy Research.

Richard Attiyeh
Vice Chancellor for Research