University of California, San Diego


September 26, 2006


SUBJECT:    Undergraduate Student Experience and Satisfaction Steering
Committee Report

The Undergraduate Student Experience and Satisfaction (USES) Report features three key recommendations and nine principles for improving student life at UC San Diego. Issued in Fall 2005, the USES Report seeks the collaborative effort of all campus communities to consider ways in strengthening the student experience. The USES Report may be accessed at http://studentresearch.ucsd.edu/satisfaction.

In Spring Quarter 2006, the Undergraduate Student Experience and Satisfaction (USES) Steering Committee issued its progress report on responses to the USES Report. We are now reissuing our progress report at the start of the academic year in order to re-establish campus community dialogue and engagement in the important task of improving the quality of student life at UC San Diego. The USES Steering Committee Progress Report may be accessed at .http://studentresearch.ucsd.edu/satisfaction/ProgressReport.pdf

Since the initial release of the progress report in May, 2006, additional actions have been taken in response to the USES Report recommendations. For example, the campus conducted its first convocation for new students on Sunday, September 17 and adopted a theme, "Uncommon Scholars, Global Citizens," to be reflected in campus and student programming throughout the year. Additionally, in response to the USES Report, the Geisel Library will extend its hours beyond 12:00 midnight, Student Organization Leadership Opportunities (SOLO) has created a one-stop online registration and programming service for students and student organizations, a number of actions have been taken to improve student understanding and relations with the Residential Security Officers program, and Thurgood Marshall, Roosevelt, and Sixth Colleges have joined with ArtPower! to enrich the culture and arts experiences of students through "Place Matters," a unique program that merges the complexity of space and communities into urban dance.

Through the USES Steering Committee discussions with the co-chairs of the original USES Committee, the need to focus on campus culture and how it might be changed to improve the student experience was identified. As a result, we will give special attention to campus culture in the coming year. A subcommittee of the USES Steering Committee will be charged with exploring ways to influence and adjust campus culture in ways that enhance the undergraduate student experience.

Throughout the year, we will seek to engage and work with various campus constituencies and individuals on how best to improve the student experience and satisfaction at UC San Diego. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. Please e-mail us at USESSteeringCommittee@ucsd.edu.


Provost Steven Adler, Warren College
Associate Vice Chancellor Mark Appelbaum, Academic Affairs
Veronica Arbuckle, Associated Students
Special Assistant Cynthia Davalos, Student Affairs
Sydney Goldberg, Associated Students
Associate Vice Chancellor David Miller, Academic Affairs
Aaron Parker, Graduate Student Association
Chair Henry Powell, Academic Senate
Chris Sholley, Associated Students
Associate Vice Chancellor Stacie Spector, University Communications
Associate Vice Chancellor Jeff Steindorf, Campus Planning
Director John Valva, Alumni Relations
Vice Chancellor Joseph Watson, Student Affairs