University of California, San Diego


November 20, 2008


SUBJECT:    Postdoctoral Scholar Union Representation

On June 30, 2008, the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) filed a petition with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) to represent postdoctoral scholars throughout the UC system.

On October 29, 2008, PERB notified the University that the UAW submitted the required number of signed cards from postdoctoral scholars who wish to be represented by the UAW.

Pursuant to PERB regulations, the University acknowledged the UAW as the exclusive representative of the postdoctoral scholars on November 3, 2008. Therefore, for postdoctoral scholars in one of the following title codes, the UAW is the exclusive representative for addressing wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment with the University of California:

* Postdoctoral Scholar - Employee (Title Code 3252)
* Postdoctoral Scholar - Fellow (Title Code 3253)
* Postdoctoral Scholar - Paid Direct (Title Code 3254)
* Postgraduate Researcher - FY (Title Code 3240)
* Postgraduate Researcher - AY State Funds (Title Code 3243)
* Postgraduate Researcher - AY Extramural Funds (Title Code 3245)
* Visiting _________ - Postdoc (Title Code 3370)

The University and the UAW will soon commence negotiations on an initial collective bargaining agreement for the postdoctoral scholars unit. Any changes to terms and conditions of employment will be subject to these negotiations. With regard to on-going salary considerations, as well as regular review and reappointment processes, any adjustments that are made pursuant to a plan in place before November 3, 2008 or according to normal schedules may be implemented. For example, the recent October 1, 2008 salary adjustment, which was the second installment of the University's three-year plan to raise the minimum salaries of postdoctoral scholars systemwide, can be implemented. Additionally, postdoctoral scholars who are paid directly by a sponsoring agency, and whose agreement for support with the sponsoring agency provides for regular or annual salary adjustments (e.g., NRSA fellowships), can also be implemented. Sponsoring agency guidelines are not subject to negotiation with the union.

We recognize that postdoctoral scholars are continuously recruited and hired by faculty/principal investigators. To the extent that the initial offer of employment and salary considerations are consistent with University salary policies and practices, such offers of employment can continue. In the event that certain layoff or corrective actions may need to be implemented, close consultation with Jennifer Oh in Research Affairs and Lori Trofemuk in Labor Relations should occur to ensure consistency with APM 390 and that current University policies are not violated.

If you are contemplating a change to any postdoctoral scholar's terms and conditions of employment that is not described above, please contact Jennifer Oh, Director of Postdoctoral Scholar Affairs (jmoh@ucsd.edu), (858) 534-6632) before announcing or implementing such a change. Should you have any questions regarding this information or desire further clarification, please contact Lori Trofemuk (ltrofemuk@ucsd.edu;) (858) 534-0296) in Labor Relations or Jennifer Oh.

Arthur B. Ellis
Vice Chancellor for Research