University of California, San Diego


April 1, 2008


SUBJECT:    Appointment of Mark Yudof as the Next UC President

I am very pleased to inform you that the Board of Regents appointed Mark G. Yudof, chancellor of the University of Texas system, an accomplished legal scholar and a nationally recognized leader in American public higher education, as the 19th president of the University of California. The appointment is to take effect this summer.

The Regents selected Mr. Yudof after conducting a thorough national search that began last fall. The search committee included seven appointed Regents, student and alumni Regents, a faculty representative, and a staff adviser. We were looking for a president with the range of skills and experience necessary to sustain and enhance both the quality and accessibility of the University of California; to work effectively with state and national leaders, industry and the University community; and to ensure operational efficiency and public accountability throughout the UC system. In Mark Yudof, we have found an outstanding leader.

Among other things, President-designate Yudof brings an important perspective in defining the proper role of the central office in a public university system. As he said today, "A system office exists to facilitate the work of the campuses and add value to the campuses - to ensure that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It should facilitate collaboration and cost savings among the campuses, not erect obstacles in their quest for excellence." We greatly appreciate the leadership of Provost Rory Hume, Regents, employees, and many others who have contributed to the administrative restructuring initiative we have underway, and I am confident that Mr. Yudof will continue it very effectively.

More broadly, President-designate Yudof is a distinguished scholar of constitutional law, freedom of expression and education law who has written and edited numerous publications on free speech and gender discrimination. Throughout his academic and administrative career, he has proven himself to be someone who cares deeply about academic excellence and opportunity, research innovation, the quality of the student experience, and the role of higher education in serving the needs of society.

These are challenging times for UC, financially and organizationally. I have the utmost confidence in Mark's ability to work with - and inspire - the entire UC family to further our University's tradition of excellence in teaching and research as well as fulfilling our public service in shaping California's future.

I also want to take this opportunity, on behalf of The Regents and the University, to express my gratitude to Bob Dynes for his service and dedication as president and chancellor. We are pleased that he will continue his renowned research and teaching as a member of the UC San Diego faculty when he steps down as president.

I encourage you to read more about the presidential appointment on the UC web site at http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/newpresident2008.

Please join me in welcoming Mark Yudof as president-designate of the University of California.

Richard C. Blum
The Regents of the
University of California