Campus Notice
University of California, San Diego


April 28, 2008


SUBJECT:    Appointment of Associate Vice Chancellor For Academic
Planning and Resources (50%)

It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of Suresh Subramani, Professor of Molecular Biology and Associate Dean of the Division of Biological Sciences, as Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Planning and Resources (AVC-AP&R).

As AVC-AP&R, Professor Subramani will serve as a key advisor to me on a wide range of issues and will be responsible for planning and overseeing the implementation of new campus academic programs and initiatives, providing leadership in the planning of resources to meet programmatic and capital program goals, developing the State Capital Improvement Plan, and overseeing the use of technology-enhanced instruction.

A highly distinguished cell and molecular biologist, Professor Subramani has been a member of the UCSD faculty since 1981. He received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley and is world renowned for his work in the field of peroxisome biogenesis and disassembly. Professor Subramani is an outstanding scholar and recipient of several awards, including the Searle Scholar Award, an NCI Research Career Development Award, and Guggenheim Fellowship. He is an outstanding teacher, has an excellent record as a graduate student mentor and advisor, and a phenomenal record of international, national and UC service. Professor Subramani has a wealth of administrative experience, having served as the last Chair of the Department of Biology prior to its reorganization as a Division, as the Interim Associate Dean for the Division of Biological Sciences in 2000-2001, Interim Dean in 2006-2007, and as Associate Dean for Operations in 2007-2008.

Professor Subramani's academic accomplishments, values, energy, vision, and strong leadership experience make him exceptionally well suited for the position of AVC-AP&R. Please join me in congratulating Professor Subramani on his appointment, which will become effective February 1, 2009 following a period of well-deserved sabbatical.

Due to the vital nature of this position, incumbent AVC-AP&R David Miller has graciously agreed to remain part time until Professor Subramani returns from sabbatical. Please join me in thanking Associate Vice Chancellor Miller for his outstanding service to the campus.

Paul W. Drake
Senior Vice Chancellor