February 19, 2009


SUBJECT:    Stimulus Package

The Stimulus Package (SP) provides many opportunities for obtaining new research resources. The Office of Research Affairs (ORA) through its Office of Contract and Grant Administration (OCGA) and Government Research Relations (GRR) unit stands ready to assist you in submitting proposals; modifying and re-submitting earlier proposals that may now be more favorably received; and requesting supplements to existing awards.

The ORA is establishing a website at to provide information as soon as we are able to verify it. We will also be making available template language to assist you in highlighting how your proposal responds to the goals of the stimulus package. We anticipate that some agencies will be working on a very short timescale. Please monitor agency web pages and contact your program officer(s) for further information. As you communicate with agency program officers, we would greatly appreciate it if you would pass any information along to GRR Director Barbara Perry (

Acquisition of instrumentation is a particularly noteworthy SP opportunity. We have recently established several campus-wide umbrella core facilities to achieve economies of scale, and we are working with academic unit heads and the Senate and its Committee on Research (COR) to expand this effort. If you plan to seek funding for major instrumentation, please contact AVCs Nick Webster ( and George Tynan ( so that they are aware of your plans. You may be able to add language indicating that the campus will provide technical support for your instrument, which will strengthen your proposal.

Thanks for your cooperation and good luck with your proposals.

Arthur B. Ellis
Vice Chancellor for Research