February 27, 2009


SUBJECT:    Review of Brian Schottlaender as University Librarian

We have been appointed a committee to conduct a review, in accordance with university policy, of Brian Schottlaender's performance as University Librarian (UL). The committee's goal is to evaluate the University Librarian's performance in a number of key areas that define his ability to lead UCSD in an era of rapidly changing scholarly communication, resources, and learning:

∑ The overall vision that positions the UCSD Libraries for leadership in an increasingly information-rich world, and enables UCSD faculty and students to have an outstanding learning environment through the Librariesí content and services.

∑ The short-term and long-term plans for integration of the rapid advances in IT and changes in on-line scholarly discourse into research and instructional activities.

∑ Current practice and future plans for management of collections, services, staffing, financial resources, and physical facilities.

∑ Fund raising activities and the acquisition of external resources, especially to strengthen the quality of collections.

∑ Contributions to the larger campus community, including efforts to foster diversity and ensure ethical conduct.

We would welcome your input on any aspect of UL Schottlaender's performance, including those not included in this list, but would especially appreciate if you would comment on his overall vision for the libraries contributions to research and instructional activities. You may share your comments by e-mailing the review committee collectively ( or by emailing or writing to any of us directly. We would appreciate receiving your response by Friday, March 20, 2009. The report of the ad hoc committee will not identify individual respondents. Upon request, UL Schottlaender will be provided a copy of the report.

Stanley Opella

University Librarian Review Committee:

Professor Laurence Armi, IGPP/SIO
Professor Francine Berman, Computer Science & Engineering
Professor Roger Bohn, IR/PS
Professor Philip Bourne, Pharmacology
Professor Ross Frank, Ethnic Studies
Professor John Marino, History
Professor Stanley Opella, Chemistry & Biochemistry