April 28, 2009


SUBJECT:    Invitation to Student Services Budget Forum on May 1, 2009

Dear Students:

As you know, the UC system is facing extraordinary budgetary challenges as a result of State funding reductions that are, in turn, due to State and national economic conditions. Every department at every UC campus is affected in some manner by current and anticipated budget reductions.

We in Student Affairs are particularly concerned about the impact of these reductions on students. For this purpose we have scheduled a Student Services Budget Forum on Friday, May 1 in the Forum Room, Price Center East, from 12:30 to 2:00 pm.

At the Forum, we will share information regarding the budget situation currently facing UCSD and how student services could be impacted. We would also like to solicit the view of students in order to assist us in prioritizing programs and services possibly facing reductions.

My staff and I will open the session with a brief background presentation of the budgetary issues facing our campus and how these issues could affect Student Affairs’ programs and services. This will be followed by a presentation by the Registration Fee Advisory Committee discussing their efforts to review and prioritize programs and services so far this year. The Presidents of the Associated Students of UC San Diego and the Graduate Students Association have been invited to participate as well.

We look forward to your attendance and hope this session will be highly informative and assist us in addressing our budgetary challenges to the best of our ability on behalf of all our students.


Penny Rue
Vice Chancellor -
Student Affairs