May 29, 2009


SUBJECT:    City of San Diego Drought Regulations

The San Diego City Council recently adopted Stage 2 drought restrictions that will become effective June 1, 2009. The specific ordinance and restrictions can be found at the City Water Department's website at

As one of the city's major water customers and a leader in environmental stewardship, UC San Diego is committed to doing its part to meet the city's requirements for water use reduction. The campus has already done much to reduce water consumption, including the use of reclaimed water for irrigation, installation of low flow devices in buildings and housing areas, switching to water efficient sprinklers for irrigation, and planting of drought tolerant vegetation. However, more can be done to insure the University meets and exceeds the city's water conservation goals.

The campus has developed a "Clean Water Utility Initiative" and is working with state and local agencies to obtain funding for expansion of the reclaimed water system, additional low flow fixtures and conversion of selected turf areas to drought tolerant landscaping. To meet the more immediate water use reductions, the campus will reduce potable water use for irrigation, change vehicle and equipment washing practices, use recycled water for construction where possible, minimize ornamental fountain use, and increase vigilance in reporting and repairing water leaks. Further information on the drought, as well as information regarding proactive water conservation measures the campus is conducting can be found at

While every effort will be taken to minimize the impact to campus, water conservation must become a priority when conducting our daily activities. We must all do our part in conserving this valuable resource. I ask that faculty, staff and students look for new opportunities to conserve water and report broken irrigation heads, leaking faucets or other water leaks to Facilities Management Customer Relations at 534-2930 as soon as possible.

If water use reduction goals are not achieved through Stage 2 restrictions, San Diego may implement additional restrictive measures. I am confident we can make a difference and help San Diego achieve its conservation goals. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this vital matter.

Steven W. Relyea
Vice Chancellor -
Business Affairs