July 14, 2009


SUBJECT:    Vice Chancellor – External Relations Debra Neuman

Vice Chancellor for External Relations Debra Neuman has informed me of her decision to resign her position in order that she and her husband, Paul, may return to Atlanta where she will be better able to ensure his ongoing recovery. Deb’s announcement follows discussion with her family and results, in part, from the desire to return to the strong family support network that she and Paul have on the East Coast.

I am grateful for the significant advancements Deb has made during her tenure with UC San Diego. Under her leadership we have appointed a strong leadership team in External Relations, developed the infrastructure that is vital to future fundraising initiatives, laid the groundwork for a 50th anniversary celebration in 2010, strengthened our alumni engagement and advocacy efforts, and refined our marketing and branding. I appreciate, as well, her permission to provide details of the rationale for her impending move to Atlanta.

In the past, when a vacancy had occurred at the Vice Chancellor level, our practice had been for the Chancellor to appoint a search committee, secure the services of a recruiter, and launch a national search. However, these are extraordinary times, and all campus departments are reviewing their operations to identify administrative efficiencies. In keeping with that objective, I will review External Relations to ensure that I have considered potential administrative changes that will increase efficiency and reduce overall costs.

During this administrative review, I have asked Vice Chancellor – Business Affairs Steve Relyea to take the lead in overseeing External Relations with the assistance of Vice Chancellor – Resource Management and Planning Gary Matthews and Associate Chancellor and Chief of Staff Clare Kristofco. After consultation with campus and community leaders, I will determine appropriate next steps so that we may be positioned to advance our fundraising and external relations initiatives. I will keep the campus informed of our progress.

Marye Anne Fox