August 6, 2009


SUBJECT:    Data Center Co-location at the San Diego
Supercomputer Center (SDSC)

I am pleased to announce the implementation of a key recommendation of the UCSD Research Cyberinfrastructure Design Team: campus support for data center co-location services at SDSC. This support will cover the basic fees for locating equipment in the SDSC data center for all UCSD researchers and departments. The SDSC co-location facility provides at-scale space, power, and networking resources for hosting computer equipment and related components. This service will provide campus-wide economies of scale through capital and operating cost reductions and substantial energy savings.

UCSD is joining other UC campuses in creating a system-wide shared data center service model. President Yudof has expressed his support for SDSC as the first UC Regional Datacenter that will be providing services to all interested campuses.

SDSC's energy-efficient 19,000 square foot data center is equipped with 13 Megawatts of power, multi-10-gigabit external network connectivity, and a 24/7 operations staff. More information about this and other services available at SDSC, including how to get started, can be found at:

Questions, comments, and inquiries can also be sent to

We look forward to this valuable new service for campus researchers and departments. By relocating most campus servers to the co-location facility over the course of this year, we anticipate capturing fully the investment that has been made by the campus. This will contribute to meeting our campus energy efficiency goals, reducing campus capital and operational costs, and increasing the competitiveness and capabilities of our University.

Thank you for considering this option.

Arthur B. Ellis
Vice Chancellor for Research


The UCSD Research Cyberinfrastructure Design Team was formed to provide the rationale and design for a campus-wide research cyberinfrastructure (RCI) to meet federal mandates for research data preservation, improve UCSD’s academic competitiveness, and achieve economies-of-scale savings through centralization of core infrastructure elements, while at the same time recognizing the diverse and distributed nature of UCSD’s research enterprise. The Design Team’s final recommendations and report can be found on the UCSD Research website: