September 10, 2009


SUBJECT:    Launch of Blink 2.0

Since its beginning in 2000, UC San Diego's Blink Web site has been a primary online source of information, training, tools, and news for our faculty and staff. With more than 100,000 visitors per month, Blink is well known among research universities in the U.S. for setting the pace in providing ready access to tools and easy-to-understand information about how to get things done in the university. In today's tight budget climate, Blink is especially valued as a major cost-saving tool.

I am very pleased to announce the launch of Blink 2.0 - the first major upgrade to Blink, geared toward saving time and providing faster access to information. Blink 2.0's new home page includes direct links to business tools, a new events calendar feature, a live shuttle map, timely campus news, and more. The site's 3,000+ articles have been organized into a taxonomy based on the Blink tabs and also provides an updated interface designed to improve readability. In addition, Blink 2.0 is hosted in a modern content management system which has been customized for our particular needs.

I want to thank the 1,000+ faculty and staff at UC San Diego who have provided feedback at every step of the Blink 2.0 design process. Blink 2.0 represents the first step in an ongoing improvement cycle that will keep the site in sync with the needs of our faculty and staff.

To experience the new site, go to To learn more about the design process and new features, visit New Blink 2.0 at

We invite your feedback on the new site via the built-in feedback mechanism (on the footer of every page) or by contacting the ACT Helpdesk at

Steven W. Relyea
Vice Chancellor -
External and Business Affairs