October 20, 2010


SUBJECT:   October 26, 2010 Meeting-Post Employment Benefits Discussion

Dear Colleagues:

Our first meeting of the 2010-11 academic year is scheduled for Tuesday, October 26 at 3:30 p.m., in the Leichtag Building Conference Room. The Notice of Meeting (agenda) and all pertinent documents may be found on the Senate's Web page at:

SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS: The Chair and Vice Chair of the Systemwide Academic Senate, Daniel Simmons and Robert Anderson, will join the Assembly for a discussion of issues we must address this year.

The Senate Council is presenting a Resolution for the Assembly's consideration regarding post-employment benefits (PEB). PEB has been a topic of intense discussion, both on the campus and at the systemwide level. President Yudof will be recommending one of several fundamentally different options to The Regents next month so the Senate has to provide input soon. The options have different implications for your retirement, your take-home pay, and the future of the University. Furthermore, substantial increases in the cost of benefits are projected that will have an impact on contracts and grants. If you are not informed about this complex issue, please refer to the information on the Senate website: or bring your questions to the Assembly meeting. Systemwide Vice Chair Anderson is an expert on this topic.

Another important item of business at the first meeting is the election of two members of the Assembly to serve as representatives to the Senate Council. The Senate Council oversees the functioning of the Division, determines the agenda for meetings of the Representative Assembly, and is empowered to take action for the Assembly in emergencies. If you intend to make a nomination from the floor, please make sure in advance that the person is willing to serve. For the list of this year's Assembly members, click on:

For help in reaching the Web site or to obtain a paper copy of the Notice of Meeting, please contact the Academic Senate Office at 858-534-3640. If at all times you prefer to receive a paper copy of the Notice of Meeting, let us know, and we'll put you on our mailing list.

If you cannot attend next week's meeting, please be sure to notify your alternate to do so in your stead. Your participation matters. I look forward to seeing you October 26th.


Frank L. Powell, Chair
Academic Senate, San Diego Division