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October 27, 2010


SUBJECT:    Campus Lighting Concerns

Here is an opportunity to let us know what campus lighting concerns you have.

The Annual Lighting Survey Walks will take place during November and early December. If you are aware of any dark areas on campus, please feel free to email those concerns to Nancy Wahlig, Director of Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention Resource Center (SARC) at or call the office at 858/534-5793. We review all submitted comments during the walks.

Throughout the year, you may call 858/534-2930 (Facilities Management Help Desk) to give your lighting and facilities concerns. In addition, from an on-campus computer, you can submit an online work request through Facilities Management.

More Information:

For over 18 years, UCSD has been conducting the Annual Lighting Survey Walks across campus. We actually walk the entire campus looking for dark areas, safety hazards and other problems. Recommendations for improvement can range from new lighting fixtures to cutting/trimming trees and shrubs. As the campus has grown, so have our walks. We now have four separate walks, targeting specific areas: 1)Mesa, One Miramar and Coasting housing, 2) SIO, 3) Residence halls on main campus, and 4) Main campus, including the School of Medicine and Pharmacy. Representatives from the following departments participate in the walks: Police Department, Grounds & Maintenance, Transportation & Parking Services, Auxiliary Plant Services, Residential Life, Housing, Campus Planning, Libraries, Commuter Student Services and SARC.

Nancy Wahlig
Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention
Resource Center