November 2, 2010


SUBJECT:    New "eduroam" Wireless Service

Administrative Computing and Telecommunications (ACT) is pleased to announce the availability of the "eduroam" wireless service to traveling UCSD faculty, staff and students, and to their guests at UCSD.

"eduroam" ( is an international wireless exchange service which allows affiliates from participating institutions to use their home credentials to authenticate to wireless services all over the world. It is heavily used in Europe and has spread to the Asia/Pacific region, Canada, and parts of the United States. Thanks to UC San Diego's investment in cutting-edge wireless technology, including WPA2-E encrypted wireless, the campus is "eduroam-ready" and has become the first West Coast institution to go live.

UCSD researchers and students who are traveling to an "eduroam-enabled" institution or conference can use wireless there without registering with local authorities. Simply select the "eduroam" wireless network anywhere you see it, enter your UCSD Active Directory username plus "" (e.g. when prompted, and use your Active Directory password as the password. Your credentials will be authenticated at UCSD, and you will be able to use the wireless service at the remote location.

If you can successfully use UCSD-PROTECTED here at UCSD, you can use "eduroam" wherever it is available when traveling.

If you have a guest here from an "eduroam-enabled" institution, they can do the same. They should select the "eduroam" wireless network here, enter their home institution ID (with the @institution portion, e.g. and password, and they will be enabled to use encrypted wireless here at UCSD. Documentation can be found at

UCSD users note: using "eduroam" (here or elsewhere) will not allow you access to protected Library resources. We recommend use of the UCSD VPN when traveling to access these and any other protected resources. When at UCSD, use UCSD-PROTECTED.

Questions about the "eduroam" service, wireless, or Active Directory can be addressed to the ACT Help Desk, 858-534-1853 (

Charlotte Klock
Executive Director, IT Infrastructure
Interim Chief Security and Privacy Officer