February 18, 2010


SUBJECT:    Condemnation of Off-Campus Party and Affirmation of
Principles of Community

As the Provosts who are principally responsible for oversight of the academic programs and the quality of student life at UCSD's undergraduate colleges, we share the concern expressed by Chancellor Marye Anne Fox and Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs Penny Rue in their email to the university community, condemning an off-campus party organized on a theme that mocked the commemoration of Black History Month, a party in which UCSD students participated. We understand that this event was not officially sponsored by any organization affiliated with UCSD, but that members of three campus fraternities were involved. Traditionally Greek-Letter Organizations espouse principles of brotherhood, sisterhood, and respect for others. These principles were clearly violated by the event of last weekend and by the language used to publicize it on FACEBOOK. Also violated were UCSD's Principles of Community which can be found at

We care deeply about the campus climate for members of the African American community and for women who were so demeaned by the publicity for this event, and by the actions of students who participated. This mockery of the important cultural and social history that is celebrated during Black History Month here at UCSD and elsewhere in the nation was an insult to all thinking members of our community.

We hope members of the university community will take time to attend the teach-in announced by the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, which will be held from noon to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, February 24 in the Price Center East Ballroom.

Steven Adler, Provost of Earl Warren College
Allan Havis, Provost of Thurgood Marshall College
Alan Houston, Provost of Eleanor Roosevelt College
Naomi Oreskes, Provost of Sixth College
Susan Smith, Provost of John Muir College
Don Wayne, Provost of Revelle College